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Survey of hospital EHR utilisation maturity

Dear hospital representative,

To enable us to understand and portray the maturity of use of electronic health record systems across European hospitals. We are particularly interested in the extent to which clinical data are held in structured and coded forms, the adoption of standards, the capability of sharing information with other healthcare organisations, and the organisation’s readiness for reusing the EHR data for research.

i ~ HD will share the results of this survey with its Member organisations, not identifying the hospitals but only as aggregated results (e.g. by country). We will only use your information internally to help us to  develop educational materials and invite you to workshops and other sessions that help to improve EHR utilisation amongst our hospitals.  We will not disclose your details to any other organisation.

Participation in this survey will entitle your hospital to free Membership of the European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data ( i ~ HD ) for the year 2017. Membership benefits for hospitals include free inclusion in the i ~ HD Network of Excellence, access to codes of practice and a staff accreditation checklist on the reuse of health data for research and access to the full results of this survey.

May we kindly ask you to send the name and email address of your colleague who will complete this survey to Ms. Andrea Jahraus. An invitation will be sent.

Thank you for showing your interest in the survey of hospital EHR utilisation maturity.

With kind regards,

The i ~ HD Executive Board