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18 04 17

Towards better data quality in hospitals!

Invitation: i~HD Hospital Network of Excellence Data Quality Workshop (Brussels, May 24, 2017)

i~HD is pleased to announce that registration is now open for our one-day workshop dedicated to measuring and improving data quality in hospitals, following up the successful session held at our Hospital Network of Excellence launch meeting on February 9th.

Be part of our hospital data quality community in Europe, share your expertise and lessons from your own hospital good practices. In turn, find out more about what other hospitals are doing.

Be prepared to hear stories of experience from hospital data quality experts in a variety of European countries. Listen to interviews and see data quality worked examples. Find out what i~HD is learning from its in-depth surveys about data quality dimensions and incentives for improving on data quality. Hear from variety of a professions and occupations, including medical researchers, about how improved data quality is influencing their work. Participate collaboratively in a session on value demonstration. Co-develop business benefits arguments for convincing your hospital executive board to allocate better resources to data quality improvement.

Reimbursement hotel expenses

Only for hospital representatives.

i~HD is pleased to reimburse the expenses for one hotel night (23-24 May), up to a max of 150€ per hospital representative, but please organise your own booking.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday 24th May, at the Hotel Bloom in Brussels (where we held the hospital network workshop). For participants requiring an overnight stay before the event we are pleased to be able to reimburse that one hotel night, and invite you to dinner the evening before. We regret that this time we will not be able to reimburse travel costs. You can see the outline agenda here.

We also invite you to complete a brief (15 minute) survey which delves more in depth on data quality. This is a follow-up to the brief set of questions introduced at our February 9th workshop. The survey focuses on:

  • What are the best ways to enhance data quality?
  • Which methods are the most motivating or incentivising?
  • What are the important dimensions underpinning data quality.

Please access the survey at: http://surveys.empirica.biz/index.php/169998?lang=en

Please complete this by 18th May latest, so that we can discuss the survey results during the workshop. We'd like to encourage you to complete the survey regardless of whether you'll be able to be with us or not in May!

Yours sincerely,

Professor Dipak Kalra

Published on: 18 April 2017