Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Data Quality Assessment and Improvement Strategies


  • Develop data quality assessment methods and tools, and improvement strategies, with particular emphasis on maximising the quality of health data for learning health systems and clinical research.
  • Promote the importance of data quality to healthcare providers, initially especially to hospitals, and help them to assess and improve their data quality.
  • Scale up a multi-stakeholder understanding and commitment to maximising health data quality, for all primary and secondary use purposes.

The i~HD Data Quality Task Force


i~HD is committed to supporting European hospitals and general practices to improve their data quality, for their own benefit as well as for wider societal benefits including clinical research. During 2016 we have launched a Data Quality Task Force. Members of the task force include experts across Europe in different aspects of the data quality improvement challenge. The Task Force is currently specifying the most relevant Data Quality Dimensions, developing educational materials and a series of assessment methodologies (e.g. qualitative and quantitative evaluations, tests based on statistical methods), and collating evidence of best practices in data quality improvement strategies. The Task Force will work with the i~HD Network of Excellence for Hospitals to develop a better understanding of the ways in which improvements in data quality can deliver measurable benefits to hospitals. During 2017 it will begin working with interested hospitals to deploy these tools and to help them to collaborate to implement effective data quality improvement strategies.

Achievements during 2016

  • Establishing a data quality task force comprising European experts in different areas of assessment methodologies, improvement strategies and education about data quality.
  • Preparing a data quality assessment framework focused especially on the reuse of EHR data for research and learning health systems.

Plans for 2017

  • Run a dedicated break out group during the Hospital Network Workshop, enlarging the task force with hospital representatives.
  • Develop educational resources and targeted improvement strategies for hospitals.
  • Work with interested hospitals to support their data quality improvement strategies.
  • Turn all of this into a European data quality service and a data quality campaign later in 2017.