Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Demonstrating value from the use of health data

It is expensive and complex to implement interoperable EHR systems, to develop and disseminate good practices in the systematic and consistent documentation of health data, and to grow the systems and culture of making good use of shareable computable health data. Most health ICT investments are slow to deliver benefits, and it is especially difficult to demonstrate benefits from ICT solutions when richer socio-technical change is needed to achieve them.

There are many perverse incentives not to adopt standards, many of which are locked into antiquated models of health care reimbursement, antiquated models of procurement and antiquated supplier relationships with customers. Standards bodies publish standards, as individual assets, but we lack a multi-standard neutral organisation to promote the value of standards as a whole, and to highlight targeted use cases where standards can play an important enabling role.

Many research projects and pilots that do undertake innovative interoperability initiatives lack the budget and time to undertake good-quality evaluations, limiting the global body of available evidence.

There is a need to better harness the best available evidence in order to optimise future strategic investments, to promote and direct standards adoption, and thereby to accelerate the delivery of benefits.

i~HD will engage in initiatives to capture the experience, learning, success strategies and warnings, from across large-scale pilots and large-scale deployments of eHealth and of the reuse of health data for research.

i~HD will:

  • collect and synthesise evidence frameworks: existing systematic reviews, best practice guidelines, well-regarded case study reports and data collection templates develop standards adoption guidelines, illustrated with successful case studies
  • actively promote the evidence of benefits, as these emerge, to help stimulate the market for good-quality health ICT products, for their successful use, and of the value to all of collecting and using good quality health data.