Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Inaugural Conference, Paris, March 9-10, 2016

Dipak Kalra
President i~HD
Inaugural Conference : Dipak Kalra - Welcome
Opening welcome
Georges De Moor
Ghent University
Inaugural Conference : Georges De Moor
Opening welcome, Introduction to i~HD
Mats Sundgren
Principal Scientist AstraZeneca R&D
Inaugural Conference : Mats Sundgren
The EHR4CR Champion Programme
Brecht Claerhout
CEO Custodix
Inaugural Conference : Brecht Claerhout
Accelerating clinical research in Europe: the InSite platform
Dipak Kalra
President i~HD
Inaugural Conference : Dipak Kalra - Ensuring trust
Ensuring trust when reusing EHRs for research
Pascal Coorevits
VP for Research EuroRec
Inaugural Conference : Pascal Coorevits
Quality labelling and certification of service provider platforms
Peter Singleton
Cambridge Health Informatics
Inaugural Conference : Peter Singleton
Governance codes of practice
Bart Vannieuwenhuyse
Senior Director Health Information Sciences Janssen
Inaugural Conference : Bart Vannieuwenhuyse
EMIF: opportunities and governance of federations of big data
Petra Wilson
Patient perspective
Inaugural Conference : Petra Wilson
The value to patients and to health care from reusing data for research
Mary Baker
Past President of the European Brain Council
Inaugural conference : Mary Baker
Keynote talk
Dipak Kalra
President i~HD
Inaugural Conference : Dipak Kalra - i~HD constitution & services HD
i~HD: its constitution and services The Network of Excellence for hospitals
Gaël Raimbault
French Ministry of Health
Inaugural Conference : Gaël Raimbault
Keynote talk
Pierre Meulien
Executive Director, Innovative Medicines Initiative
Inaugural Conference : Pierre Meulien
Keynote talk
Panel discussion