Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

i~HD is a partner in a new 2-year project launched in 2018, jointly funded by EIT Health and by some of our EFPIA member companies. This will examine how routinely collected health data can be directly reused within the conduct of clinical trials, if trial subjects have given their consent for this. i~HD will lead a Work package on governance, to develop a code of practice covering this aspect of EHR reuse, and also to lead on discussions with regulatory bodies on the acceptability criteria for EHR data acting as a source of information into regulated clinical trials (eSource). i~HD, in partnership with EuroRec, will develop a new Quality Seal for research platforms contributing eSource data. We will also contribute to the work package on semantic interoperability, and develop an extension to the Data Quality Seal for the EHR2EDC context. We are involved in additional EC and IMI grant proposals, the outcomes of which will become known in early to mid-2018.