“Putting Real World Evidence in Practice: A European Outlook on Real World Evidence in a Global Context”
WHEN: 16 March 2023
WHERE: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The GetReal Institute is pleased to announce its inaugural Annual Conference taking place on the 16th of March 2023 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The conference will discuss RWE developments in a global context, reflecting upon progress in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

The aim of the conference, and the GetReal Institute, is to inform the RWE community of recent developments and the future direction of RWE, highlighting emerging initiatives and ongoing challenges, but more importantly the opportunities to collaborate and collectively address these challenges.
Join us at our first conference where we will discuss the following topics:
• RWE and the Global Research landscape. What is the Future?
• RWE and the Changing EU Landscape. The Pan European perspective.
• Can RWE Bring (Drug) Development Back to Europe? Pragmatic trials & historical controls, why don’t we use RWE?
• Biopharma Growth in Asia – RWE as a catalyst for change
• Generation and Use of RWE for regulatory purposes in the USA
• Experiences and challenges of using RWE for decision-making in Latin America