WHEN: Latter half of 2023 || The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is excited to announce that work has begun in mounting the return of the organisation's annual conference.
WHEN: 26 January 2023 (Online) || As much as vaccines are emotionally and politically tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as much as we want to move past the pandemic era and towards a brighter future, it is critical that we bring our vaccination ecosystem forward with us, because effective routine vaccination programmes remain a cornerstone of a healthy Europe. This event will bring together a range of perspectives and provoke collaborative discussion about how we can collectively shape the future of vaccination in Europe.
WHEN: February-March 2023 || Register now for the Health Information Engineering and Introduction to R Workshop organised by Health Data Research UK
The Taxonomy will now be promoted by the Alliance and its network, including i~HD. We see it as a helpful mechanism to engage with others when we discuss value based health care, which critically depends upon having high quality health data to quantify the value. 
Hundreds of participants went to Porto, Portugal on the 17th and 18th of November for the first-ever health data conference "Health Data Quality: a Dynamic Complexity".
The European Institute for Health Data (i~HD), together with six other partners, launched the Digital Health Uptake (DHU) project which aims to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe.
The aim of this summit was to demonstrate the importance of the quality of healthcare data, how to measure data quality and how to improve it. Whether for primary use or secondary use, data quality is a universal requirement. It is the most important real-world data challenge. Data without quality can neither contribute value nor serve any useful purpose.
i~HD, together with more than 20 stakeholders, expresses its support for the aims of the European Health Data Space as proposed by the European Commission.
As the regulatory landscape around the governance of artificial intelligence, health data reuse and innovation continues to evolve, our research and innovation community find themselves navigating a transition from one set of known governance expectations to additional challenges.
Researchers from i~HD have recently published a triad of publications on the identification of active substances and dose forms in medicinal products.