We are pleased to present our new-look website, which showcases our mission, ongoing initiatives and ambitions for 2021.

We’ve been very busy preparing for this next phase in our development, capitalising on the expertise built in previous years. Please read on to discover why and how we are enabling the health data community to enrich and use health knowledge.

Making better use of health data to boost
smarter health care and efficient research

i~HD’s holistic approach to health data

One of the characteristics that makes us special, is our dedicated focus on health data. This not only allows us to accumulate and provide in-depth expertise and excellence, but also to approach health data from a broad range of perspectives.

Check out the six areas of work we have initiated:

You can also read about the the five muscles we are flexing when we develop new activities.
We convinceWe connectWe createWe certifyWe catalyse

New programmes

We are passionate about connecting people from different communities, neutrally, to co-create and promote innovative ideas on health data re-use.

We are equally focused on developing practical approaches and tools, supporting our members and stakeholders to tackle the tangible challenges they face in scaling up their uses of data and maximising the benefits.

We have packaged our solutions into a number of programmes related to data quality and information governance, and more programmes are in the pipeline.

  • Data quality: Good data provides the right insights. However, ensuring high-quality data is not as evident and straightforward as it seems. For you to trust what you can learn from your data, we have developed two customisable programmes, depending on your needs and concerns:
  • Information governance: Trustworthy, safe data use is crucial to convince people and organisations to collaborate, exchange and share health data. We help organisations to protect people’s privacy and address compliance and assurance needs.
    • GDPR tutorial: We educate and align your staff through a customised GDPR course that connects to your specific needs

A new logo to express our strength and solidity

Our new logo asserts our strengths and capabilities, based on:

By the way: find out why we decided to stress the i of innovation.

Interested? Have a look at our website and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with feedback or to plan a getting-to-know-each-other talk or a free intake meeting for one our programmes.

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