i~HD was created in 2016 as the sustainable result of the IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiatives) sponsored project Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) and a number of other European R&D projects supported by the European Commission, at a time when the use of digital health data in e-health solutions was on a steep rise. This digital revolution emphasised the need to tackle the growing challenges related to the quality and interoperability of health data on a sustainable basis. Moreover, obstacles to using health data were not being addressed by other initiatives so this was another gap to fill.

We consulted widely with other existing European institutes, and with many stakeholder groups who endorsed our creation, helped us to formulate our mission, objectives and our starting priorities to help accelerate the benefit from making better use of health data, for all.

In this way, via our founding members (EuroRec, RAMIT, empirica and TMF), i~HD brings together over 30 years of coordinating experience and participation in more than 100 European projects, as well as of services in the field of quality of data and EHRs.