We are a neutral, European, not-for-profit institute 
We focus on developing and promoting practical solutions
We have one focal point: the trustworthy uses of high-quality health data
We connect a network of world-leading experts in the health data ecosystem
We are neutral, uniting the community of health data stakeholders
We bring 30 years of learning and expertise in our certificates

Our unique approach

i~HD helps you, as a player in the health data ecosystem, through our community and programmes by flexing our five muscles.


We convince everyone about the societally-beneficial uses of health data, about the need for high-quality data and how health data can be shared in acceptable ways. 

WE CONnect

We unite stakeholders within our neutral forum to share needs and expertise, to co-create optimised solutions, to coach each player to assure their quality and increase their trustworthiness.

we create

We create innovative solutions and programmes, practical guides, educational resources and quality labels to support your creation, use, sharing and re-uses of health data.

we ceRTIFY

We assess and can certify your efforts by assuring your high-quality and trustworthy uses of health data.


 We catalyse change and improvement through engaging multiple stakeholder in co-creating and then adopting health data usage solutions and programmes, education, peer networks.