The Digital Health Society & i~HD have bundled the outcomes of two recent multi-stakeholder consultations to examine the acceptance criteria for societal trust in the use of health data and a recipe for trustworthy digital health: standards, architecture and value. Find out our recommendations on seven key themes.
This next phase in our development capitalises on the expertise built in previous years. Check out what makes us special: the six areas of work we have initiated, our five muscles, our focus on connecting people from different communities besides developing practical approaches and tools. And discover our new logo!
Tell us how you feel about the possibility of having an app that could assist you and healthcare professionals abroad to safely manage your medication use. The survey (available till March 24) is organised by the European R&D project Unicom which strives to increase patient safety through accurate identification of medicine anywhere in the world.
Why do we need to step up our learning from health data? How can we do so? What are the challenges? Which initiatives are tackling some of the hurdles? In this short paper produced for DigiHealth 2020, Dipak Kalra demonstrates how health data can boost diagnostic & treatment innovations, care pathway transformation and novel digital solutions.
One year after the start of the Corona outbreak, COVID-19 vaccines are about to arrive. It is vital that each administered COVID-19 vaccine should be precisely identified everywhere and anywhere across the world so that we can accurately monitor the effectiveness and safety of each type of vaccine.
Dr Mats Sundgren, a founding member of i~HD, presented a new Pragmatic Clinical Trial (PCT) launched by AstraZeneca. In this PCT, they use real world registry data to establish the efficacy and safety of an existing drug for a new clinical indication.
i~HD leads a work package focused on the pilot studies, to derive the evidence on how delivering better quality medication and health information to patients can impact on their understanding of and adherence to their medication. We are also contributing to the business modelling and long term sustainability strategy.
Dipak Kalra gave the opening keynote presentation at a virtual half day event held on Monday 26th October, hosted by one of our founding member organisations, TMF
i~HD is a partner in a new European H2O project ‘Health Outcomes Observatory’ to amplify the patient voice within healthcare and research. H2O is a new five-year project funded through the Innovative Medicines Initiative. Its ambition is to empower patients with digital tools to monitor their outcomes in a standardized manner. Patients can share these data with their physicians and other healthcare providers to facilitate communication in […]