Recommendations from multi-stakeholder round tables, organised by Digital Health Society & i~HD

This contribution summarises the outcomes of two recent multi-stakeholder consultations to examine the acceptance criteria for societal trust in the use of health data and a recipe for trustworthy digital health: standards, architecture and value.

The Round Tables were developed and convened by DHS and i~HD neutrally and independently from the event sponsors, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Each meeting was attended by around 27 online participants from EU institutions, national governments, industry,
academia, hospital management, healthcare professionals, regulators and patient representatives. DG Sante and Connect officials contributed
to both events.

The recommendations and calls to action arising from these events were presented to alarge online audience at the Digital Health Society Summit in November 2020 and discussed by a multi-stakeholder panel.

The recommendations cover the following key themes:

  1. Raise the digital, literacy & skills of all stakeholders
  2. Generate and value trustworthy Real World Evidence
  3. Accelerate interoperability across Europe and globally
  4. Demonstrate benefits to society from data access, use and reuse
  5. Adopt a risk stratification approach
  6. Build a trustworthy framework for data access and use
  7. Adopt a transformational approach to health data

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