Six experts from different fields gathered for the European Health Summit Taskforce Public Debate to discuss AI in Healthcare.  i~HD President Prof. Dipak Kalra moderated this debate.
Four members of the i~HD team will be presenting during the 8th European Conference on Health Law.
i~HD president Prof. Dipak Kalra will be speaking in the “Digital innovations in healthcare: what’s happening?” symposium organised by ASTP.
The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is also participating in the 8th European Association of Health Law Conference.
The European Institute of Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is taking part in a virtual conference on digital medicine.
i~HD welcomes its new members Microsoft, Novartis and Takeda.
What better way to rally public engagement than by demonstrating the tangible benefits of health data analysis through real-world examples? That is why we have started building up a library of case studies, collecting case studies that were set up by many organisations across Europe. Our library illustrates how different uses of data have contributed to gaining valuable insights in different disease areas, and how patient data was protected.
The European Institute of Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is announcing its participation in the eight European Conference on Health Law.
As the GDPR Webinars 2021 ends, i~HD would like to thank all attendees and experts for their participation and for making the webinars a success. During the final webinar, a panel composed of i~HD’s experts will present more detailed answers to the questions submitted by the attendees and act as moderators for discussions with the attendees. 
One of i~HD’s founding members, Mats Sundgren from AstraZeneca, is the lead author on her recently published paper in applied clinical trials, regarding the innovative approach of the EHR2EDC project, in which i~HD has been a partner. Nadir Ammour, also an i~HD founder from Sanofi, is also an author, along with our President Kalra, and collaborators from an innovative ICT company.