Demonstrate the trustworthiness of your digital health systems

The soaring use of health data is reflected in the growing adoption of digital health systems and applications, from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) used by health care providers & organisations to fitness and health apps readily accessible for all citizens.

The need to capture and manage health data in trustworthy ways has forced the health ict industry to meet complex and high requirements.

Health authorities rely on data-driven insights to design future proof health care strategies. In addition, they start endorsing mobile health apps, and even provide for reimbursement, for apps that meet the highest requirements.

Health care providers rely on EHR data to deliver evidence-based care and optimise care coordination. EHR systems need to allow for proper analysis while safeguarding patient privacy.

Researchers and clinicians want to conduct large-scale data analysis to speed up health innovations. Seamless exchanging or connecting and quality of data are crucial requirements.

Patients and citizens are more and more convinced of the added value of digital health, and willing to embrace this, provided data protection and smooth operation are ensured.

Prove the compliance of your software

in the fields of

– functional operation
– quality of data handling and flows
– data privacy (e.g. GDPR) and ethics

Health ICT industry:
How to gain the trust of your partners?

Be confident and convince that your health ICT system …

Demonstrate the smooth functional operation of your digital system

Stay on top of the fast-changing requirements

The requirements of state-of-the-art health software are multiplying and becoming more and more complex. 

Users (both organisations and citizens), commissioners and health authorities want guarantees that your software operates in accordance with the relevant functional criteria.

i~HD has access to a repository of over 1700 indexed fine-grained validated criteria. Furthermore, as new criteria sets are being developed by stakeholders in the health ICT ecosystem, we step in to help define the criteria and to go through the validation phase that is required before integration in a standardised scheme.

Our programmes cover the functional testing of health software

Make sure the data in your system can be linked and connected

Facilitate seamless sharing

The transfer of health data from one ICT health system to another similar system is necessary to allow for better individual care provision and for big data analysis.

i~HD is active in promoting the development and use of interoperability standards through EC Support Actions and innovation projects, awareness campaigns, guides and educational materials for professionals and decision makers.

i~HD can help you be part of a connected health data ecosystem

Ensure adequate GDPR knowledge in your organisation

Increase the efficiency of your development processes

Health data is the most personal and sensitive information. Its use is therefore tightly governed. 

Your digital health systems has to be designed with data privacy and protection in mind.

We can help educate your developers and designers to understand and integrate the GDPR privacy regulations in your software packages.

We organise customised tutorials as well as open courses in the field of GDPR

Check trustworthy health data

Safeguard privacy when sharing and exchanging health data

Promote safe digitisation of health care 

Every user of your software needs to be able to trust their personal health data is safely protected. In addition, in a collaborative health ecosystem, every data custodian needs to be confident about the data they connect to.

IDHIS, i~HD’s Information Governance Certification Programme, audits the conformity of data flows in health ICT systems against a unique set of international criteria relating to privacy, ethics, security and data protection.

Having your health ICT systems assessed, will contribute to a trusted health data system.

We assess the privacy, ethics, security and data protection processes of health ICT systems

Have confidence in the validity of our quality labels 

i~HD can help produce the necessary evidence by issuing different types of quality labels.

We bring over 30 years of learning and expertise in our quality labels. Our team of auditors have clinical, technical, academic and legal backgrounds and have substantial expertise in developing quality seals, backed by a robust assessment methodology and criteria.

Be part of an innovative health data community

Connect and collaborate

Get in touch with other health data stakeholders, discover novel approaches, learn from each other and boost collaboration to maximise joint value from health data.

Participating in our events and joining our neutral European multi-stakeholder institute means being part of a health data community where you can propose initiatives and work out solutions. 

i~HD unites all health data stakeholders to catalyse and enable the reuse of health data