We require membership fees in order to be able to develop and maintain high-quality resources supporting better uses of health data.

Indications of membership fees can be found below. The calculation of this fee depends on the classification regarding your organisational status and might be based on your organisational characteristics. After evaluation of your application, we will contact you with regards to your definite membership fee, taking into consideration the nature and size of your association/company, turnover, number of employees etc.

If you register for a two-year period, we can grant you a membership fee reduction of 25%.

Stakeholders – Annual membership fee

Patient organisations

Patients / caregivers / patient representatives / citizen / population associations: zero

Health care providers

General practitioners, hospitals, medical centers: zero

Social and care associations (not-for-profit)

Health professional associations, social care provider associations, health care provider associations: € 500

Insurers and health ministries, associations representing health insurers

Public health, care, eHealth and research decision-making authorities: zero

Third-party health and care payers, health insurance organisations: € 5000

Commercial companies active in the field of clinical and/or biomedical research

Pharma, biotech, medical device vendors, health data brokers and analytics companies: € 25000 

EHR system and application vendors

  • Up to 250 employees: € 5000
  • From 251 up to 1000 employees: € 15000
  • Over 1000 employees: € 25000

Associations representing vendors of health ICT products and services, health informatics Standards Development Organisations

Standards development organisations: € 1000 

Industrial associations: € 5000

Scientific centers active in the field of biomedical or clinical research, health informatics or equivalent (e.g. universities, departments of universities, non-profit research or research supporting organisations)

Clinical and health informatics research and educational organisations

Electronic health (eHealth) competence centers

  • If for profit: € 2000
  • If not for profit: € 1000