Connecting and certifying health data expertise 

Standards have become crucial guidelines in the light of the spectacular increase of health data re-use and connectivity requirements.

In addition, health data being very personal and sensitive information, both individuals and companies demand to get objective insights in the quality level of a product, service or process they consider engaging with.

  • Set minimum requirements for good health data or system quality
  • Assess and reward performance

  • Lead the way to improvement strategies
  • Promote connectivity and collaboration

Health data standards and assessments create clarity, trust and connection

Standards and certification organisations:
How to strengthen your focus on health data?

Discover how i~HD is promoting the use of standards and certificates in the health ecosystem

We facilitate seamless sharing

The transfer of health data from one ICT health system to another similar system is necessary to allow for better individual care provision and for big data analysis.

i~HD is active in promoting the development and use of interoperability standards through EC Support Actions and innovation projects, awareness campaigns, guides and educational materials for professionals and decision makers.

i~HD can help you be part of a digitally connected health ecosystem

We define, validate and select relevant criteria

We help organisations define relevant criteria in the fields of

  • Data quality: for benchmarking or improvement purposes

  • Information governance: We have developed a unique set of international ISO-accredited(*) criteria relating to privacy, ethics, security and data protection in health ict systems

  • The functional operation of digital health systems: We have access to a repository of over 1700 indexed fine-grained validated criteria. Furthermore, as new criteria sets are being developed by stakeholders in the health ICT ecosystem, we step in to help define the criteria and to go through the validation phase that is required before integration in a standardised scheme.

We endorse quality and trustworthiness

There is a growing demand from individuals and businesses alike to see evidence of the quality and trustworthiness of health data and health data handling.

Within our programmes we have developed the following types of quality labels, which we are further expanding:

  • i~HD Certificates
  • i~HD Seals
  • i~HD Qualifications

We are a neutral, European, not-for-profit institute

i~HD is a neutral, not-for-profit institute with one focal point: the trustworthy use of health data.

We have substantial expertise in developing quality seals, backed by a robust assessment methodology and criteria.

Our experienced team of auditors possess an array of complementary skills and clinical, technical, academic and legal expertise

Connection, collaboration, co-creation

We bring health data stakeholders together to showcase the value of data re-use, to boost collaboration, to help shape governance of societally trusted reuse of health data in research.

Participating in our events and joining our neutral European multi-stakeholder institute means being part of a health data community where people can showcase their expertise, propose initiatives and work out solutions.  

i~HD unites all health data stakeholders to catalyse and enable the reuse of health data