The Data Quality Expert Group journey began after the development of the Porto Declaration on Health Data Quality.

This declaration was the result of the first-ever international conference dedicated exclusively to the topic of health data quality. The declaration highlighted the crucial need for a dedicated team of experts to join forces to ensure the best possible quality of health data for Europe.

Health Data Quality: a Dynamic Complexity

Learn more about the conference which became the firestarter to the formation of the Data Quality Expert Group.

The Mission

The mission is crystal clear: to champion data quality in the healthcare sector. To achieve this, the expert group will collaborate with all stakeholders on:


the standards for data quality assessment


scaling up the data quality labelling of primary and secondary use data


strategies for shared investment to improve the systems and deliver training to the personnel needed to ensure the best possible health data across Europe

The Purpose

The critical need for a dedicated focus on data quality cannot be overstated. In an era of rapid digital transformation, the complexities and challenges surrounding health data quality demand specialized attention. The expert group is committed to confronting these challenges head-on, employing innovative approaches and best practices to catalyse transformative change.

Who we are

The expert group recognises that the challenges we face in dealing with health data quality are multifaceted and no single entity can address them alone. The group believes in collaboration and the strength that arises when individuals, organizations, and experts from various disciplines in the healthcare ecosystem come together to tackle the dynamic complexity of data quality.

Prof. Pascal Coorevits

Medical Informatics & Statistics, Ghent University

Prof. Ricardo João Cruz Correia

Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

Dr. Christel Daniel

Associate Director, AP-HP

Jens Declerck

Health Data Quality Manager, i~HD

Prof. Dipak Kalra

President, i~HD

Dr. Carlos Sáez Silvestre

Assistant Professor, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

Dr. Mats Sundgren

Senior Industry Scientific Director, i~HD

Kristof Vanfraechem

Founder and CEO, Data for Patients

Prof. Pascal Verdonck

Biomedical Engineering & Medical Technology, Ghent University