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Connecting health data sources is crucial to enhance individual care and allow for big health data analysis. We can all help break down the health data silos by promoting the use of interoperability standards.

Calling patients, health care providers, researchers, health authorities and industry to “join the dots”

Health data is more and more collected and stored electronically, often through a variety of digital technologies, devices and apps.

The diversity of health information technologies means that data is often collected in separate, unconnected silos.

We need to connect health data sources, for many reasons.

We need to champion the use of interoperability standards to connect health data and improve research & care

An answer to your key questions

What are health data standards?

How can interoperability standards help connect health data sources? Why aren’t we there yet? What are the obstacles and facilitating factors?

How do health data standards function?

How can digital systems understand the structure, the format and the meaning of health information? Which are the different levels of interoperability?

Which are the major health data standards?

Who develops health standards? How do standards development organisations work? With examples of major health standards.

Success stories

Discover some success stories where health data standards have helped to secure safety and quality of care.

Big data for the early identification of other diseases associated with cancer

National Portal for Digital Exchange of COVID-19 Patient Data in The Netherlands

Shared Medication Treatment Plan – Switzerland

Health Optimum for care institute connection through telemedicine – Italy

One national IT-system for large-scale COVID-19 testing in the Netherlands

Feedback? Suggestions?

Would you like to share your success story with us? Do you have ideas how to further promote interoperability standards? Other suggestions? Just send us a message.

About us

Digital Health Standards is a joint communication effort between the DigitalHealthEurope project, empirica and The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data to grow awareness about the importance of health ICT standards.

Our goal is to provide educational information about health data standards to

  • enable decision makers, SMEs and the public to better understand the health ICT standards landscape,
  • promote the value of interoperability standards,
  • show when and where standards adoption can lead to valuable and needed interoperability,
  • champion the adoption of standards, potentially as a positive disruptive influence in our ecosystem.