Navigating GDPR Compliance for HealthTech companies when setting up the Information Governance:
 An Expert-led Workshop to Answer Your Questions. 

WHEN: 5 June 2023 (online) and 21 June 2023 (Agoria, Brussels, Belgium)

Health Data are considered sensitive as they contain private and personal information and are subject to strict legal regulations, such as the GDPR. Good Information Governance is an essential part of the robust cybersecurity measures that every HealthTech company has to put in place, in order to safeguard health data and protect against cyber threats.
Attending this unique academy is a great opportunity to learn more about information governance, including data management plans, data handling architecture and data sharing agreements. You will also get an understanding of your task and responsibilities as a “Controller” and “Processor”. Additionally we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to adapt data sharing agreements to fit your needs.
GDPR’s focus on accuracy, completeness, and security of personal data can help improve data quality, which is critical for informed decision-making and providing high-quality services. You will also learn about the different rights granted to individuals. Finally, the workshop will cover the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as required by article 35 of the GDPR. This will give you the information needed to understand the importance of DPIA and the steps that need to be taken to ensure compliance.
Overall, this workshop with 5 experts from the field present and at your disposal, will provide you as a HealthTech company with the skills and knowledge to ensure you are up to date with data protection regulations and that you have the best data quality practices in place, for primary and secondary use of these data.