Muna Khogali

Innovation and Data Governance Expert

Muna has over 20 years of experience at the convergence of technology and cultural production. She has a diverse background spanning healthcare, legal, finance and global tech industries among others, where she has led on driving growth, automation, and digital transformation for numerous companies. She works across extensive data and knowledge management systems and has led and trained teams on innovative projects. Her expertise lies in managing complexity through crafting growth strategies, increasing stakeholder engagement, and ensuring compliance and information governance through the establishment of robust operational processes, knowledge frameworks and enablement resources.

As an entrepreneur, technologist, and growth strategist, Muna continuously explores ways to leverage digitization for industry advancement, a focus that underpins her recent work with an AI-powered start-up venture. Her appreciation for the disruptive potential and significance of automation, machine learning and AI has its roots in her early academic background in the Philosophy of Science where she gained her degree in philosophy and physics.