Tom de Vree

Systems Quality Programme Manager

Tom de Vree graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s nursing degree at KHK Lier. After his final practical training at the university hospital of Oulu (Finland) he started his first job at the general hospital Heilige Familie Rumst working in their operation theatre. Two years later Tom decided to continue his professional activities as a freelance nurse. In this capacity he completed projects in all kinds of disciplines at both public and university hospitals. In 2015 Tom took the opportunity to start working as a Clinical Trial Coordinator. This enabled him to expand his network within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry with companies such as Novartis, Abbvie, LivaNova, Respivant, Orphazyme, etc. In September 2019 Tom joined I-HD to support the team as a project manager. During his first half year he mainly focused on system quality audits. His experience in project management and in clinical trial coordination will lead him to participate in a broad variety of projects to help co-ordinate the i~HD initiatives and services.