Zoi Kolitsi

Digital Health Policy and Strategy Lead

Zoi Kolitsi, PhD Med. Phys., leads digital health policy and strategy work at the the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD). Digital Health governance, health data interoperability and secondary use, business modeling in the FAIR data economy and multistakeholder consultation, including on the EHDS, are the main focus of her work. She is well versed in cross sectorial e-GOV topics related to digital health, and she also maintains activities in cross border e-Justice.

Zoi has a long history of eHealth policy and strategy support including a decade in the Greek Public Health Administration as a senior policy advisor. Over the last 20 years, she has led work nationally and in EU Digital Health projects. Notably she has co-ordinated the CALLIOPE thematic network that delivered the European eHealth Interoperability RoadMap and has lead the legal and regulatory work stream in the epSOS pilot and their follow up projects, eHGI and EXPAND. More recently, she has led the eHealth pillar in the national health care reform programme and actively supported the national Greek deployment of cross border myHEALTH@EU services.