How does our IDHIS programme work?

Step 1: Application, preassessment questionnaire, risk assessment and introductory meeting

Client applies

I~HD reviews application form

Signing of NDA

Information meeting

Preassessment questionnaire


Preassessment questionnaire

Clarify uncertainties


Risk assessment by i~HD

“Is the client ready for the assessment”

Introductory meeting to define the next steps

A first meeting initiates the programme with the applicant organisation. i~HD walks through the assessment and certification processes, agrees on the product and service scope, appraises the readiness of the organisation for assessment and finalises the contractual details.

The assessment phase focuses on the organisation, its procedures and practices, and the technology by auditing against our 7 criteria sets.

Step 2: Onsite assessment

Defining the assessment scenarios

Preparation of the full audit

Composing the audit team

Setting up audit programme

Onsite assessment

Opening meeting
Closing meeting


Draft report
Client comments the draft report
Audit team reviews comments from client
Report is sent to i~HD’s Certification Body

The Assessment includes an onsite audit by our independent international expert auditors who will assess against the criteria and determine whether the applicant complies.Their compliance report identifies any non-conformities with the criteria.

Step 3: Certification process

i~HD’s Certification Body reviews the assessment report

Decision by of i~HD’s Certification Body

  • The Certification is awarded
  • A follow-up report and/or follow-up audit
  • The Certification is not awarded

The i~HD Certification Board reviews the findings and determines whether to award a Certificate, specify which essential non-conformities require a corrective action and a re-audit, or determine that a full re-assessment will be needed once the major non-conformities are addressed. The ISO-Accredited Certificate is then awarded to successful applicants. It is valid for 2 years or until a new major release of the audited platform.

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