The European CRO Federation (EUCROF) and the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering collaboration and advancing initiatives in the realm of data privacy, research, and healthcare innovation.

“This MOU lays the foundation and defines the initial scope for a cooperative framework between EUCROF and i~HD, centred around the creation of a landscape of trust and transparency in the domain of data privacy for research and care” says Prof. Dr. Dipak Kalra President i~HD.

“This partnership with i~HD represents an exciting opportunity to drive positive change in healthcare research and innovation. The MOU serves as a framework for mutual support and cooperation in pursuit of shared goals” says Yoanni Th. MATSAKIS on behalf of the EUCROF Executive Board.

This agreement signifies a commitment to cooperation and support towards achieving common goals and objectives.

Outlined within the MOU are the following objectives:

  1. Promoting the Code of Conduct developed by EUCROF in accordance with articles EU GDPR 40 and 41 across the multi-stakeholder community.
  2. Supporting EUCROF in the implementation of the Code, including participation in ad hoc committees and reviewing materials.
  3. Utilizing the Code of Conduct as a basis for the development of a certification process by i~HD.
  4. Collaborating to establish a trusted process for vendor assessment for pharmaceutical industry, biotech, and service providers.
  5. Promoting greater alignment of data quality and learning from data between care and research through the promotion of relevant standards and interoperability.
  6. Facilitating access to data within the European Health Data Space (EHDS).
  7. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for clinical research.
  8. Collaboration on relevant funded projects.

To achieve these objectives, both parties commit to mutual collaboration and coordination of efforts, while maintaining the freedom to engage with other public or private entities.


EUCROF is a not-for-profit legal entity registered in the Netherlands whose objectives are, among others, to contribute to high quality Clinical Research in humans and to promote the excellence of European Clinical Research to the public and the media, as well as on the international stage.

The members of EUCROF are national CRO associations as well as individual CROs established in one or more European countries or outside Europe, as defined in its Bylaws. Today EUCROF has more than 450 affiliated companies, in 31 countries. The list of EUCROF members, as well as EUCROF Bylaws, are public and can be freely downloaded from EUCROF’s website (

About i~HD

The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is a European, not-for-profit and neutral organisation facilitating the optimal (re-)use of health data to accelerate research and improve healthcare.

i~HD strives for a world in which multiple stakeholders collaborate in the trustworthy use of high-quality health data to continuously improve care and accelerate research. In order to maximise the potential of health data, with respect to the citizen, i~HD collaborates with all stakeholders through six core streams: Quality of Health Data, Information Governance, Trustworthy Health ICT Systems, Data Interoperability Standards, Quality Labels (Certificates & Seals), Scaling-up the Health Ecosystem (


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