The European Insitute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is pleased to endorse, and to have been invited as a signatory to, the five key manifesto calls on Digital Health just published by the European Association for e-Pharmacies (EAEP). i~HD believes it is now vital to foster the digitalisation of health systems, to accelerate the adoption of interoperability standards, to support innovators through digital sandboxes, to widen the scope digital health reimbursement and for Europe to spearhead the adoption of ethically-developed AI.

As the 2024 European Parliament elections approach, we urge policymakers to prioritise digital healthcare transformation. In this manifesto, as (digital) healthcare stakeholders, we advocate for a robust approach to digital health. We collectively believe in its power to empower patients and improve their outcomes, and that embracing digital solutions will enhance access, quality, and continuity of care for all European citizens while reducing costs, which has never been more crucial.