Public support is one of the essential pillars for the further digital transformation of health care. And what better way to rally public engagement than by demonstrating the tangible benefits of health data analysis through real-world examples?

Let’s turn public acceptance of data sharing into public enthusiasm

Citizens and patients are willing to share their health data as long as they are sure that their privacy is protected. Understanding the ways in which data is used can turn hesitancy into enthusiasm.

Hence the health data sector is facing a double challenge:

  • On the one hand, demonstrating the value of health data reuse by publishing the results of their analysis in terms of tangible patient benefits, translated in accessible public-friendly language
  • On the other hand, explaining to citizens and patients how they have protected health data whilst undertaking their analysis.

Boosting understanding and connection amongst all health data stakeholders is part of i~HD’s mission.

That is why we have started building up a library of case studies, collecting case studies that were set up by many organisations across Europe.  

Our library illustrates how different uses of data have contributed to gaining valuable insights in different disease areas, and how patient data was protected.

We are grateful to all organisations included in our library for agreeing to reference their case studies. This is only a starting point. We are seeking to expand our collection with more cases in more health industries and across more disease areas.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with feedback or input.