Our 2021 webinar programme

We have bundled good practices into a state-of-the-art health-data-focused GDPR tutorial. Please find more details below.

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Past Webinars

Webinar 1
How Does The GDPR APPLy to Health DAta?

Date: 16/09/2021

webinar 2
Setting up a GDPR-compliant data collection and processing pipeline

Date: 09/12/2021

webinar 3
Patient and participant consent, transparency notices and data subject rights

Date: 08/10/2021

webinar 4
Data protection safeguards, threats and breaches

Date: 15/10/2021

Webinar 5​
Anonymisation and pseudonymisation​

Date: 15/11/2021

webinar 6
Regulatory compliance for AI development

Date: 23/11/2021

webinar 7
Ask the experts!

Date: 09/12/2021

i~HD webinars 2021: GDPR for tomorrow’s health data-driven innovation

It has been over three years since the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation and the number and scale of health data driven research infrastructures and opportunities across Europe continue to grow. Join i~HD and its experts from across the health research and innovation sector for a series of webinars on  how to successfully harness GDPR to meet health data reuse challenges and drive innovation into the next decade. 

Our webinar series will offer you an exclusive insight into the GDPR’s impact on health data driven research and innovation as experienced by experts from across the health innovation sector. The speakers, working in the legal, ethical, ICT, data management and patient representative professions, will share their knowledge and experience on key aspects of data protection in the field of healthcare innovation. They will discuss and explore practical experience and solutions, best practices and approaches for compliance, data breach management, failures and prosecutions, meaningful public engagement, security, novel technologies and forthcoming regulation (including the AI Regulation and Data Governance Act) and more.

How to successfully harness GDPR to meet health data reuse challenges and realise opportunities as the number and scale of health data and research infrastructures across Europe grows​. 

What can you learn from our GDPR Programme?

How does the GDPR impact on the collection, storage and uses of health data?

What are the steps required to develop a GDPR-compliant health data pipeline?

How should you conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment?

What safeguards does the GDPR require when capturing, analysing or sharing data?

What are good practices when wording consent forms, transparency notices?

What code of conduct should your staff adopt when working with health data?

How can you protect against data breaches and their stringent penalties?

What are the best methods to anonymise health data?

How to develop next generation data analytics complying with the GDPR with a view on the forthcoming new AI Regulation and Data Governance Act?

Who should attend?

Patient organisations

Health care providers

Pharma & life sciences

Health ICT & data driven industry

Health & data strategy organisations

Health policy makers & funders

Academia & research centres

Standards & certification bodies

Registration & Fees

Registration for the GDPR 2021 Webinars can be done online through an an email request to Tanja Vincken or by registering via Eventbrite. 

Introduction webinar 1- free

Price for one webinar 150€ , also for closing session (excl VAT)

Price for all webinars 600€ , including closing session (excl VAT)

Note: Webinars may also be purchased i~HD innovative European projects.

International Experts

i~HD‘s team of international experts have experience in teaching and contribute to the i~HD innovative European projects.