“Trustworthy (re)use of health data endorsed by EHDS”
WHEN: 24 May 2023
WHERE: Brussels, Belgium

Europe’s digitalized health data ecosystem is not used to its full potential due to information governance complexities, lack of software system quality and data quality or legal barriers. The forthcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation will facilitate data flows describing the requirements to exchange and access different types of health data and to support healthcare research. During the workshop, i~HD’s experts will set the scene for the most important EHDS primary and secondary health data use requirements and solutions under the spotlight of the GDPR legislation. These interactive round table discussions will tackle whether the principles and underlying processes of good practices, being
used in the healthcare sector, are also able to improve information governance, data quality and system quality in other sectors, or whether the healthcare sector can learn from initiatives used in other sectors.
• Information Governance
• Software System Quality
• Data Quality