Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

i~HD present at the 2020 virtual BioData World Congress (9 – 12 Nov.)


i~HD will be present at the 2020 virtual BioData World Congress with no less than 4 presentations in four different tracks, i.e. Data Management and Storage, Big Data & Oncology, Analytics Platform and Rare Diseases. We will be covering some of i~HD’s latest collaborative projects and developments in our key areas of work.

Our presentations have been scheduled on November 10th, 11th and 12th, we will update this news item with the timings once the programme is final. Be sure to note the dates  so that you don’t miss the talks of your interest. Don’t forget to register via the BioData website


How to assess and improve health data quality, so you can trust what you learn - Hannelore Aerts, i~HD Data Quality Programme Manager (data management and storage) 10 Nov, 11:10

Reusing EHR data across Europe and the US for oncology studies - Dipak Kalra, i~HD President, & Nadir Ammour, Global Lead, Clinical Innovation & Partnership, Sanofi (Big Data & Oncology) 11 Nov, 10:10

Accountable, transparent, reliable and secure: an assessment framework for safe and trustworthy research platforms - Tom De Vree, i~HD Project Manager & Christophe Maes, i~HD Development Manager (Analytics Platform) 12 Nov, 10:20

Data protection, GDPR and data sharing: the untold tale of rare diseases patient cohorts and disease registries challenges - Maria Christofidou, Early Stage Researcher & Nathan Lea, leader of i~HD‘s Information Governance & GDPR Task Force (Rare Diseases) 12 Nov, 12:40

BioData World Congress is one of largest events on “Big Data & IA for Life Sciences and Healthcare” in Europe. This year’s edition will be organised in a digital format for health and safety reasons. New platforms and technologies will provide interactive and serendipitous meetings to enable virtual networking. During four days of content, they will be covering all the big topics. They are expecting + 2000 attendees and +300 speakers from more than 750 different organizations including prominent research institutes, universities, most top 30 pharma and biotech companies, IT-companies active in health research and health applications, start-ups, hospitals, national and international health authority agencies, charities active in medical research,  press and scientific media outlets etc. 


A perspective on patients' eagerness to share their health data


i~HD interviewed Karl Wouters from medinet.tv, a free of charge online video platform for chronic patients and their caregivers. It always strikes Karl how patients want to contribute to finding new treatments for their condition. Not only for themselves but also for future generations of patients.

Many patients are also eager to share their health data to help speed up the development of new treatments - if this can be done in a trustworthy way.

He also highlights the interest for patients to have access to portal where they can follow-up for which research programs their data is being used



Our mission

The mission of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is to enable, coordinate, and accelerate the efficient development and deployment of interoperable and seamless eHealth solutions and research strategies, towards achieving best practices and sustainable integrated person-centred health care, to optimise health and wellness in Europe, and beyond. It aims to guide and catalyse the best, most efficient and trustworthy uses of health data and interoperability, for optimising health and knowledge discovery.

i~HD has been established to tackle areas of challenge in the successful scaling up of innovations that critically rely on high quality and interoperable health data. It specifically addresses obstacles and opportunities to using health data by collating, developing and promoting best practices in information governance and in semantic interoperability. It is helping to sustain and propagate the results of health information and communication technology (ICT) research that enable better use of health data, assessing and optimising their novel value wherever possible.

i~HD has been formed after wide consultation and engagement of many stakeholders to develop methods, solutions and services that can help to maximise the value obtained by all stakeholders from health data. It supports innovations in health maintenance, health care delivery and in knowledge discovery, while ensuring compliance with all legal prerequisites, especially regarding the insurance of patient’s privacy protection. It unites multiple stakeholder groups to ensure that future solutions serve their collective needs and can be readily adopted affordably and at scale.