Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data




  1. Dipak Kalra, President
  2. Geert Thienpont, Managing Director
  3. Hannelore Aerts, Data Quality Programme Manager    
  4. Geert Byttebier, i-HD liaison manager
  5. Maria Christofidou, Data protection researcher
  6. Pascal Coorevits, Lead for Data, System Quality and Certification EuroRec Representative
  7. Tom de Vree, System Quality Programme Manager
  8. Veerle De Wispelaere, Communications Manager
  9. Jos Devlies, Senior researcher consultant
  10. Julie James, Senior researcher
  11. Nathan Lea, Data Officer & GDPR Task Force Leader
  12. Christophe Maes, Business Developer Benelux
  13. Rahil Qamar Siddiqui, Senior Researcher
  14. Peter Singleton, Senior Researcher
  15. Miriam Sturkenboom, Senior Researcher
  16. Robert Vander Stichele, Senior Research Coordinator
  17. Pieter van Galen, Patient Representative
  18. Martine Vannevel, Administrative Officer
  19. Petra Wilson, Senior Researcher
  20. Karl Wouters, Communications Advisor