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Annual Conference, Gothenburg Sweden on 19 -20 November 2018

Dear colleague,

After successful  events in Paris (March 2016), Brussels (February 2017), Madrid (September 2017) and Paris (March 2018),  i~HD is proud to announce its 2018 Annual Conference in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 19 -  20 November.

This year, the conference theme is “Realising the value of health data, showcasing very practical examples from research and the healthcare delivery sectors” . 

For research, the conference will present informatics methodologies (data management and analytics approaches) accompanied by examples of the use of real world data in research, as being capable of generating robust and high quality evidence that deserves to inform decision making, including regulatory decisions, and product development strategy. One specific topic will be Pragmatic Clinical Trials.  The healthcare theme will focus on how tracking health outcomes from routinely collected Electronic Health Record (EHR) data can lead to improvements in the quality of care and therefore to improved health outcomes, and how greater access to health data is bringing benefits to patients.

New since its existence is that that the conference will be introduced by high level tutorials about topics including GDPR and data quality assessment & improvement strategies.

More information will be published soon.

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Published on: 06 June 2018