Annual Conference 2018
Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data


i~HD 2018 Annual Conference in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 19 – 20 November.

Realising the value of health data, showcasing practical examples from research and the healthcare

The conference will showcase how routinely collected health data (Real World Data) can be used to derive important knowledge insights, possibly uniquely from large scale data, and how these insights can and should impact on decision making and health care strategy.

There will be sessions on:

- How is routinely collected health data (Real World Data - RWD) already being used to derive important knowledge insights, possibly uniquely from these data?
- How should real world data insights impact on decision making and health care strategy?
  • Pragmatic clinical trials - their role, methods and tools, results and impacts
  • International observational health data networks – communities and projects
  • Learning health systems – the global landscape
  • Hospital-led and patient-led initiatives to use health data to improve outcomes
  • A debate on the acceptability conditions for real world evidence - to inform regulatory decision making

Monday 19th morning pre-conference sessions:

  • An in-depth tutorial on the GDPR implications for reusing health data
  • A workshop for health data custodians about the IMI EHDEN federated data network

Conference fee 300€ (50% reduction for i~HD members) for both days including the conference dinner, tutorial and access to the mini-exhibition.

The conference programme can be consulted here or registration for the conference can be made here.

Looking forward to meeting you in the historic city of Gothenburg.

on behalf of the Programme Committee




  • Keynote speaker: andrew Roddam, VP & Head Real World Evidence and Epidemiology, GSK
  • Pragmatic clinical trials: their role, methods and results, including results from the IMI GetReal project
  • Observational health data: their tools, platforms and results, including results from the IMI EMIF and ADVANCE projects
  • Showcasing how robust and high-quality evidence has been generated from RWD
  • A panel, to which regulators and HTA are being invited, will debate the acceptability conditions for real world evidence to inform decision making, including regulatory decisions, and product development strategy

Healthcare and Learning Health Systems

  • Keynote speaker: Chuck Friedman, Professor of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan; Editor-in-Chief, Learning Health Systems Journal
  • Improvements in the quality of care and improved health outcomes from using routinely collected data
  • Bringing benefits to patients through greater access to health data
  • Showcasing the use of health data to measure outcomes and improve health for patients


  • Data quality assessment and improvement
  • Information governance and the GDPR
  • Promoting public awareness about the value of research
  • Network dinner
  • Mini-exhibition

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Published on: 16 August 2018