Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

i~HD was present at EAHM 2019 Congress in Ghent


Uncover the insights hidden in your electronic health records

i~HD at EAHM2019


Hospital managers are facing the ever harder challenge of delivering high quality but cost effective services in an increasingly complex health care environment where future funding will be based on the delivery of value rather than simply performing healthcare activities.

Strategic insights through existing EHR data

As a healthcare manager you want to rely on trustworthy information to make judicious strategic decisions. One source that can generate the most valuable decision supporting insights is the health data that are routinely collected in your patients’ electronic health records.

Developing your hospital into a Learning Health System will allow you to learn

  • how to optimise care coordination and care pathways
  • how to improve health outcomes
  • how to use healthcare resources efficiently
  • and more broadly how you can deliver safe, efficient and evidence based care.

Furthermore, as a forward-looking hospital manager, you want to scale up your opportunities to participate in clinical research to offer your patients access to innovative medical advancements and to allow your clinicians to be involved in more clinical research. Some of your obstacles to scaling up your research activity may relate to recruiting the most suitable patients, compliance with GDPR etc.

EAHM Annual Congress 2019

We invite you to join a session about the reuse of EHR data to become a Learning Health System and to speed up scientific research, as a workshop of the EAHM Congress in the Ghent Ghelamco Arena on September 13th.








The 2019 edition of the EAHM Congress (European Association of Hospital Managers) took place in Gent, September 11 – 14th. It was very much an interactive happening with visits to six hospitals complementing the presentations on offer at the main conference site of the prestigious Ghelamco Arena. The umbrella theme was labelled as ‘sharing innovative healthcare strategies’. i~HD was present with a session on the reuse of Electronic Health Records for Learning Health Systems.

The gathering of more than 450 European hospital managers gave us the opportunity to capture their viewpoints on health data and gain insight in the latest uses of data. Throughout the presentations and personal conversations, big data turned out to be a key success factor for innovation

Abstract of i~HD presentations
i~HD speakers
Programme of the i~HD track