Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Abstract of i~HD Session

There are many opportunities for hospitals and health care systems to learn from routinely collected health data. Dipak Kalra will open the session by explaining the Learning Health System concept, its global movement, and how better use of health data can deliver value to hospitals, healthcare systems and to patients. It is vital for hospitals to invest in, and actively learn from, their routinely collected EHR data to gain insights into how to optimise care pathways, to improve health outcomes and to prepare for the future where healthcare funders will reward and reimburse the delivery of value rather than simply performing healthcare activities.

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse will introduce the audience to the many ways in which the pharma industry is analysing routinely collected data from hospitals to improve the design of clinical trials, to assist hospitals with faster recruitment of the most suitable patients, exchanging data between EHR systems and clinical research systems. The big data landscape is becoming more and more important for clinical research, and Bart will present the work of IMI projects that are scaling up health data availability across Europe.

An important success factor for the reuse of hospital EHRs for research is the quality of the data. Pascal Coorevits will summarise state-of-the-art research in the dimensions of data quality that are most important for organisational learning and research, and the methods for assessing the quality of the data. A case study of a recent data quality assessment in heart failure undertaken at a hospital in Spain will be presented. Pascal will introduce the i~HD data quality service that is available to European hospitals.

This session will examine a practical example of a clinical research platform product that is being connected to many hospitals across Europe, and globally. Brecht Claerhout will demonstrate the InSite platform. He will describe its information flows and explain how it has been possible to design the platform and its connection to European hospitals in full compliance with the GDPR. The value of using such a platform for clinical research and for hospital quality improvement will be outlined, and flow into the panel discussion.

The session will close with a panel discussion, taking questions from the audience, on the business case for raising the level of investment in hospitals having high quality EHR data and reusing it for research.