Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Abstracts of i~HD presentations

The opportunities for reusing EHRs for research
Speaker: Dipak Kalra, i~HD 

This presentation will portray the many opportunities for learning through routinely collected health
data. Professor Dipak Kalra will summarise the main results of recent IMI projects EHR4CR and
EMIF, and indicate how these results are now being sustained. He will explain why was felt
important to create a not-for-profit European Institute, i~HD, to help promote good practices in the
scaling up of using health data for the spectrum of learning opportunities.


Establishing a trustworthy data reuse framework
Speaker: Filip De Meyer, University Hospital of Ghent

This presentation will outline the main data protection and ethical issues that have to be addressed
by any solutions that reuse electronic health records, including GDPR compliance. Dr Nathan Lea
will explain how the sustainable research platform developed through EHR4CR, InSite, was
independently assessed by i~HD to provide assurance to hospitals before they connect their
electronic health record systems to it. He will also explain the other governance instruments that are
needed to create a trustworthy ecosystem, to give confidence to hospitals, their patients, and to
research users such as the pharma industry.


Acceptance criteria for hospitals to connect to a federated research platform
Speaker: Ole Fröbert, Örebro University

This presentation will walk through, as a case study, how a Swedish hospital reviewed the
opportunity to connect to a federated research platform that would allow their electronic health
record data to be queried remarkably to profile there patients as potential candidates for inclusion in
randomised clinical trials. Ole Fröbert will describe the assurances that were required, and the
processes that took place in the hospital to confirm the acceptance of this, and then how these
assurances were implemented.


Assessing the data quality of hospital EHRs
Speaker: Pascal Coorevits

An important success factor for the reuse of hospital EHRs for research is the quality of the data.
This presentation will summarise state-of-the-art research in the dimensions of data quality that are
most important for research “fitness for purpose“, and the methods for assessing the quality of the
data. A case study of a recent data quality assessment undertaken at a hospital in Spain will be
presented. Professor Pascal Coorevits will introduce a new i~HD data quality service that is
available to European hospitals.


Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Real World Evidence’s Hidden Gem
Speaker: Mats Sundgren

This presentation will introduce the audience to the robust methodologies that can be applied to the
conduct of clinical studies in routine healthcare settings, embedded within routine care resources
and using routinely collected data. Pragmatic clinical trials are gaining importance as a compliment
to randomised clinical trials, especially in situations where it might not be ethical to introduce a
placebo arm or where important patient subgroups might be excluded by conventional RCT
inclusion criteria. Mats Will illustrate his talk with examples of pragmatic clinical trials, including
some undertaken in Sweden.



Panel discussion: the acceptability of reusing EHRs for research

Panel: Mats Sundgren, Pascal Coorevits, Ole Fröbert, Nathan Lea, Dipak Kalra 
This presentation will look at some of the wider opportunities for gaining insights from health data,
including learning health systems, patient empowerment and illness self-management.
Panel discussion: the acceptability of reusing EHRs for research
The audience will be invited to contribute questions to the speakers, as a panel discussion, about
the opportunities, barriers and success factors for scaling up with use of electronic health records for
research, across Europe and globally. The panel brings together internationally recognised experts
in many aspects, who will be well equipped to respond to audience questions.