Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data


A trustworthy ecosystem for reusing health data for research

  • The EHR4CR Champion Programme and the InSite clinical research platform
  • Changes in the privacy protection landscape of Europe
  • The i~HD information governance services, codes of practice and conduct
  • The i~HD Governance Oversight Board
  • Certifying service providers' platforms through EuroRec
  • Opportunities and governance of federations of big data
  • Opportunities for hospitals in scaling up research and using the platform
  • The value to patients of reusing data for research

High-quality interoperable health data for care and research

  • The healthcare needs for better integrated data
  • The challenges and opportunities for advancing semantic interoperability
  • i~HD services promoting semantic interoperability, including an online register of quality labelled interoperability assets
  • The SemanticHealth multi-stakeholder alliance to promote standards adoption
  • Demonstrating value from better integrated health data

i~HD: its constitution and services

  • The constitution and membership of i~HD, its services to members
  • The i~HD Network of Excellence for hospitals


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