Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Mary Baker

Dr Mary Baker, MBE, is Immediate Past President of the European Brain Council and President of their “Year of the Brain” project. Mary is Past President of the European Federation of Neurological Associations, Consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Chair of the Working Group on Parkinson´s Disease, a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Human Brain Project, and a member of the Commission´s CONNECT Advisory Forum. Academic appointments include Associate Membership of the Health Services Research Unit, University of Oxford and Visiting Fellow within the London School of Economics (LSE) Health Centre.

An Honorary Doctorate from the University of Surrey was conferred upon Mary in 2003 and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree was awarded by Aston University in July 2013. In 2009 she received the prestigious British Neuroscience Association Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Neuroscience and for Public Service. In 2014, Mary received the Dana/EDAB Lifetime Achievement Award for Outreach on Behalf of Brain Research and in 2015, she received the ECNP Media Award and in recognition of her contribution to and support of pharmaceutical medicine, an Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Mary graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Hons in Sociology and Political Theory.

Brecht Claerhout

Brecht Claerhout holds a master degree in electronics engineering. He has previously been active in FOSS development as author of a major network security tool (Sniffit). He has worked at the IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Center) and RAMIT (Research in Advanced Medical Informatics and Telematics) research groups. Brecht is currently CEO of Custodix, one of the first Trust Service Providers in the world focusing on data protection, and has been actively involved in a large number of European research projects mainly dealing with the health data integration. Recent projects in include EHR4CR (Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research, 2011-2015), INTEGRATE (Driving Excellence in Integrative Cancer Research through Innovative Biomedical Infrastructures, 2011-2014), P-Medicine (From data sharing and integration via VPH models to Personalised Medicine, 2011-2015) and EURECA (Enabling information reuse by linking clinical REsearch and Care, 2012 - 2015). Brecht has published several conference and journal papers on the subject of security and privacy protection and semantic integration of clinical data.

Pascal Coorevits

Pascal Coorevits is Professor of Medical Informatics and Statistics at the Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Ghent University (Belgium) and Vice President Research & Development of the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec). He is also Director of RAMIT (Research in Advanced Medical Informatics and Telematics), an R&D spin-off platform of the Ghent University. He teaches several courses in biostatistics and eHealth related topics. His primary research interests lie in the domain of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and are oriented towards various aspects of quality labelling and certification of EHRs (quality criteria, data quality characteristics, quality labelling and certification models, tools/methodologies for EHR evaluation and conformance testing, semantic interoperability aspects, secondary use of EHR data). Through EuroRec, RAMIT and the Ghent University he has participated in several EU -, national - and transatlantic eHealth research projects (e.g. ASSIST, EHR-Implement, EHR-Q TN, ARGOS, HITCH, Antilope, EHR4CR, SemanticHealthNet, EURECA, EXPAND,...).

Georges De Moor

Professor Georges De Moor is head of the Department of Medical Informatics and Statistics at the State University of Ghent, Belgium, where he teaches Health Informatics, Medical Statistics, Decision Theory and Evidence Based Medicine since 1995. As founding president of RAMIT (Research in Medical Informatics and Telematics) and of his academic research department, he has been involved in both European and International Research and Development projects (+110), as well as in Standardisation activities: for seven years, he acted as the Founding Chairman of CEN/TC251, the official Technical Committee on standardisation in health informatics in Europe. As a result of the conducted research, Prof. De Moor has been founding or co-founding a number of spin-off companies (7) mainly active in eHealth, including the domain of privacy protection and reuse of health data for research (e.g. MediBridge, Custodix).

He was elected President of the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec) (2004-2010), promoting and certifying high-quality Electronic Health Record systems in Europe. He is also Head of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory in the Saint Elisabeth Hospital in Zottegem, Belgium. Prof. De Moor chairs in Belgium and in Europe a number of official Committees related to ICT in Health or to Laboratory Medicine. He is member of the Belgian Privacy Protection Committee (partim Health) (Ministry of Justice).

He has edited twelve books related to ICT in Health and published over 200 articles in scientific journals. He is member of the International Advisory Board of the Farr Institute (UK) and member of the Advisory Board of the Horizon 2020 programme (SC1: Health, demographic change and wellbeing, 2014-2020)

Nikolaus Forgó

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó has studied law, philosophy, and linguistics in Vienna and Paris. In 1997 he got his Dr. iur. (Dissertation in legal theory). Between the years 1990-2000 he was Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna (Austria). Since 2000 he is a full Professor for Legal Informatics and IT-Law at the University of Hanover. He specialises in e-commerce, internet and data protection law, areas in which he has published extensively. Prof. Forgó has substantial teaching and consulting experience in all fields of IT-law, legal informatics, civil law, legal history and legal theory.

Dipak Kalra

Dipak Kalra, PhD, FRCGP, FBCS, British, is President of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD). He plays a leading international role in research and development of Electronic Health Records, including the requirements and models to ensure the robust long-term preservation of clinical meaning and protection of privacy. He leads the development of ISO standards on EHR interoperability, personal health records, EHR requirements, and has contributed to several EHR security and confidentiality standards. Dipak has led multiple European projects in these areas, including Horizon 2020 and the IMI programme alongside pharma companies, hospitals and ICT companies. He recently co-led a €16m project on the re-use of EHR information for clinical research, EHR4CR, alongside ten global pharma. He is a partner in another IMI project, EMIF, on the development of a European clinical research platform federating multiple population health and cohort studies. Dipak also led an EU Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability, and is a partner in other EU projects on the sustainability of interoperability assets, the transatlantic sharing of patient summaries and quality labelling. Dipak is Professor of Health Informatics at University College London and Visiting Professor of Health Informatics at the University of Gent.

Pierre Meulien

Executive Director at the Joint Undertaking Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI)

Pierre Meulien joined IMI as Executive Director in September 2015.
Prior to that Pierre Meulien was President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Genome Canada, a not-for-profit organisation that connects ideas and people across public and private sectors to find new uses for genomics and invests in large-scale science and technology to fuel innovation in key sectors, including health. While at Genome Canada, he succeeded in securing significant funding from the Government of Canada and leveraged further funds through partnerships. He also developed the Genomics Innovation Network to keep Canada at the cutting edge of genomics-based technologies. Before joining Genome Canada in 2010, he served as Chief Scientific Officer for Genome British Columbia, where he promoted the organisation's scientific strategy. Prior to that, he was founding CEO of the Dublin Molecular Medicine Centre (now Molecular Medicine Ireland) which linked the three medical schools and six teaching hospitals in Dublin to build a critical mass in molecular medicine and translational research.

Pierre Meulien also has experience of working in industry, having worked at Aventis Pasteur in Canada and France, and at French biotechnology company Transgene. He has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Edinburgh and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

Photo courtesy of Genome Canada.

Terje Peetso

Dr Terje Peetso joined the Unit Health and Wellbeing in DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology in 2011. Her main responsibilities are related to the coordination of the implementation of the eHealth Action Plan 2012 -2020 as well as the overall coordination of the policy group in the Unit. In 2014 she was the EU Fellow in the University of Southern California, USA, where her research focus was on the obstacles which hinder the introduction eHealth in healthcare systems. Dr Peetso has been working in the European Commission since 2003 starting as a Scientific Secretary in the Risk Assessment Unit in DG Health and Consumers. In 2006 she became a policy officer in the area of tobacco control in the same DG. Dr Peetso holds a diploma in medicine from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

John O'Brien

John is on secondment from his post of Chief Executive at St. James´s Hospital, the largest Academic Teaching Hospital in Ireland as Adviser to the CEO of the HSE on strategic issues, pertaining mainly to Hospitals. He has extensive experience in Health and Hospital Management both Nationally and Internationally covering some 30 years. John has led and executed a large range of special interest initiatives in the Health Sector covering areas such as Information Systems, Strategy Planning, Commissioning of major health Enterprises, Corporate Governance and Executive systems design and large scale organisation reconfiguration and change. He has also participated as a member of a number of Ministerial/Department of Health & Children sponsored review groups including Steering Panels for the Value for Money Review of the Health System (Deloitte & Touche) and more recently the Audit of Structures and Functions in the Health System (Prospectus), which report formed the basis for the Major Reform Programme at present in implementation in the Irish Health System.
John holds graduate qualifications in Economics, Political Science and Health Management and a Masters degree in Public Administration. He also holds a Senior Lecturer position in Health Policy and Management with the University of Dublin, Trinity College. John is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and a member of the Irish Statistical and Social Enquiry Society.
In the area of quality, John has acted as Project Director of the National initiative established to develop an Accreditation Scheme for the Irish Health System. Up to 2004, he held the position of Transitional Executive Head of the Irish Health Services Accreditation Board (IHSAB), the Statutory Body established to, inter alia, administer this scheme. He was appointed Surveyor as part of the first wave initiative in this area in 2000 and has led surveys in Major Academic and large group Hospitals both in and outwith Ireland (including Canada, South East Asia, Australia etc.). He has also devised and overseen implementation of an extensive quality programme at St. James´s Hospital in recent years.

Gaël Raimbault

Gaël Raimbault is assistant manager in health care performance at the Directorate General of Health care Provision (DGOS - Direction Générale de l'Offre de Soins, France). In particular, he is in charge of Health Innovation, Hospital Information Systems, Telemedicine and Health products for Hospital use. He has previously held positions at the Ministry of Health within DGOS and the Council of State.

Christoph Rupprecht

Christoph J. Rupprecht is head of AOK's health policy and health economics department with over fifteen years of experience in the German healthcare system. He is guest lecturer at the university Duisburg/Essen and was visiting lecturer in the department of Comparative Healthcare Systems Research at the Cologne Rheinische Fachhochschule until 2014. Before this he was responsible project manager of innovative healthcare services, telemedicine solutions in the department of corporate development/controlling. He also has ten years of experience as scientific advisor for members of the German parliament and the European parliament, especially in the field of research, education and health policy. Rupprecht is by his education a molecular biologist (Max-Planck-Society, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut) with a background in the field of political economics.

Peter Singleton

- Organiser and Chair, "Workshop on Future of Privacy and Ministry of Justice consultation" UCL, London, Sept. 2010
- Organiser and Rapporteur, Workshop on "Critical Issues for Electronic Health Records" Wellcome & Nuffield Trusts, London, 2007
- Organiser and Chair, "Workshop on Article 29 Data Protection document WP131" UCL, London, 2007
- Organiser and Chair, "Governance of Medical Research Databases", Royal College of Physicians, London, 2004
- Department of Health Confidentiality Code of Practice Working Group, 2001 - 2002
- Organiser and Rapporteur, "The future of the Pharmaceutical Industry" symposium, Cambridge December 2001

Veli Stroetmann

Veli Stroetmann, M.D., Ph.D., is Head of eHealth and Policy Research with empirica Communication and Technology Research (Germany). Over the last 25 years, she has been coordinator or principal investigator for European Commission funded studies on eHealth policies, strategies, market research, business modelling, validation, evaluation and impact assessment of eHealth applications, interoperability, patient safety. She was a driving force and main editor of key EU policy and research roadmaps such as: sustained eHealth innovation through person-centred care, enabling smart integrated care, semantic interoperability for better health and safer healthcare, the digital patient roadmap. Within SemanticHealthNet she led the work on sustainability and adoption strategies for semantic interoperability.

Mats Sundgren

Mats Sundgren, MSc, PhD, Principal Scientist, Global Clinical Development, AstraZeneca R&D. Mats is a Principal Scientist and a R&D strategy specialist with more than 24 years of experience in management and research, both from the pharmaceutical industry, combined with a broad scope of different positions (Discovery, Development, Marketing, and Patent defence), and from academia (e.g. Biotechnology, R&D Management, Medical Informatics, eHealth and Life Science Innovation). He has expertise working within the area of Clinical Information Strategy function focusing on developing and implementing strategies for managing clinical information related to the e-health sector. Mats also brings expertise to the project by taking a holistic perspective of the pharmaceutical R&D process from start to end gained from his various roles in the pharma industry, and from his PhD research (Technology Management R& Economics) in the areas of Innovation Management in Life Science. Mats also holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering with a specialisation in biochemistry. In working for AstraZeneca, he is acting as a liaison officer and project manager around strategic information management initiatives both in Clinical but also on an R&D level. Mats was also chair of the Efpia EHR task force 2008-2009 and represents AZ in IMI Knowledge Management group. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Chalmers University of Technology R& IT University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and has more than 50 publications in areas of Life Science, Biomedical Informatics, eHealth and Innovation Management.

Michèle Thonnet

Michèle Thonnet, French, neuropharmacologist, PhD. Michèle Thonnet is also graduate in applied mathematics and medical informatics, political sciences and public law and from the industrial strategies institute. She is a health, information systems and security specialist, with more than 25 years experience and over 190 publications. She used to hold different positions in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the IT one ( international standardisation), moving from the research area to the industry and then to the health domain at AP-HP Paris hospital, followed by different positions in public agencies before joining the ministry of health. As official representative of the French ministry of Health, she is actively involved in diverse EU projects (epSOS, CALLIOPE, VALUeHEALTH, SemanticHealthNet) and member of the eHealth Network set up under the art 14 of the DIR 2011/24/EU.

Jeremy Thorp

Jeremy Thorp is the Director of Business Architecture for the Health and Social Care Information Centre in England. He was previously the Director for the information reporting programme run jointly by NHS Connecting for Health and the NHS Information Centre. Prior to this, he was Director of Business Requirements with responsibility for the Business Architecture of the National Programme for IT in England. Jeremy has previously worked at national, regional and local levels in the NHS: nationally in the Department of Health Information Policy Unit and in the NHS Information Authority, regionally in the South and West, and locally in the Bristol area. Internationally, he is engaged in standards work with CEN, ISO, HL7 and IHTSDO and has been a member of European projects such as epSOS, CALLIOPE, EXPAND and ValueHealth.

Robert Vander Stichele

Robert Vander Stichele is a practicing family physician in Ghent, Belgium, since 1978. He combines his clinical practice with research projects since 1982 He obtained his PhD (in medical sciences) in 2004, and was appointed as teaching professor in the department of Pharmacology in the University of Ghent. He became a certified clinical pharmacologist in 2009.

His interest are on information on and use of medicines. He is member of the Special Interest Group on Drug Utilisation in the International Society for Pharmaco-epidemiology (ISPE) . He is a senior-researcher in the research alliance on “End-of-Life Care”, a consortium of the University of Ghent, Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

He is member of the Board of the International Society of Phthirapterists (ISOP), and of the European Society for the study of Patient Adherence and Compliance (ESPACOMP). He is founding member of the Board of the Belgian Centre for Evidence-Based-Medicine (CEBAM). He is consultant for the creation of a web portal for evidence based medicines directed to the Belgian health care professionals (EBMPracticeNET). Currently, he works as an expert in European projects and spinoffs (e.g. Ramit) of the Department of Medical Informatics of the University of Ghent.
His publication list comprises more than 140 scientific papers (refereed in Medline).

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse, MSc. , MBA/MBI
Senior Director Health Information Sciences
Janssen R&D
In 1985, Bart joined Janssen Pharmaceutica as a clinical trial monitor. In the course of his career with Janssen, Bart has held a variety of marketing and sales positions, both at local operating company level (e.g. the Netherlands) and at international level. While in the Netherlands he was one of the pioneers that started “Healthy Solutions” a J&J daughter company that focused on developing integrated services in the healthcare field. Later, he was in the core team that developed the initial CRM approach for Janssen EMEA. Between 1999 and 2003, Bart spent 4 years in the IM department of Janssen Pharmaceutica in the US, where he was responsible for the e-business initiatives and for the overall IM technical architecture. Bart joined the EMEA CRM Center of Excellence in April 2003, where he prepared the CRM Roadmap for the short to mid-term.
In 2009 Bart was instrumental in developing a new customer-orientation project for Janssen Europe. In 2011 Bart joined the Janssen R&D group to focus on external eHealth / Health Information projects with external partners. Currently, Bart is coordinator of the EMIF (European Medical Information Framework) project, an IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative) funded project.

Petra Wilson

Petra Wilson joined the International Diabetes Federation as Chief Executive Officer in November 2013. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is an umbrella organisation of over 200 national diabetes associations in over 160 countries. It represents the interests of the growing number of people with diabetes and those at risk. The Federation has been leading the global diabetes community since 1950. Prior to her appointment at IDF, Petra was Director of the European Healthcare and Life Sciences team in Cisco's Consulting Services, focussing on helping health and care providers develop their strategies for making good use of communication and collaboration technology. Previously, she was deputy director of the European Health Management Association (EHMA), a membership organisation committed to improving healthcare in Europe by raising standards of managerial performance in the health and care sectors. Prior to EHMA, Petra worked for the European Commission in its eHealth Directorate. She worked specifically on the European eHealth Action Plan, which commits all Member States of the European Union to adopting road maps for the implementation of Connected Health solutions. Petra also advised the Commission on legal and ethical issues surrounding use of information technologies in healthcare. Originally trained in law, Petra spent several years as a lecturer and Senior Research Fellow at Nottingham University, UK, specialising in healthcare law. She has a Ph.D. in public health law from Oxford University, and has published widely on the legal aspects of using information technologies in healthcare. Originally from the UK, she is fluent in English, German, and French.

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