Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Joining the Dots Conference
27-28 November 2019




i~HD Joining the Dots Conference 27-28 Nov. 2019  and C3-Cloud Plenary 29 November 2019, in Brussels


The Joining the Dots Conference will combine expertise from several EU projects thereby aiming to create a critical mass that supports scale up and sustainability of our endeavours for the digital transformation of health and care. Please find attached the conference flyer as well as some preliminary information below, further details will follow in due time.

The Conference will focus on:

  1. Promoting the capture and sharing of high value data sets across Europe: cross standards alignment, data quality, cross-border access for care and research
  2. Educating and empowering patients about access and use of health data in self-care, prevention and for research
  3. The societal challenges of multi-morbidity and polypharmacy, aligning disease-specific guidelines, personalising medicine, joining the dots for the patient across multiple care providers and refocusing research
  4. Scaling up the learning health ecosystem

Key objectives are:

  • To leverage the learning and approaches from several European projects and initiatives that have each tackled different aspects of using and reusing health data, generating and applying new knowledge.
  • To identify outstanding gaps and barriers to scaling up more empowered care, better learning health systems and accelerated research.
  • To make recommendations to the eHealth Network for ministry-level and EC-level action.

Contributing projects and initiatives:

More information will be published soon.