Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data


i~HD invites applications from the following organisations to join as full members, as defined in its Articles of Association.

  • Patient associations, citizen associations, family associations and carer associations
  • Health professional associations
  • Social care provider associations
  • General Practitioners
  • Clinical organisations, clinical research and health informatics research and educational organisations
  • Healthcare providers and Healthcare provider associations
  • National health decision makers, care decision makers, eHealth- and research decision makers
  • Electronic health (eHealth) competence centers
  • Third party health and care payers and commissioners
  • EHR system and EHR applications vendors
  • Medical Device vendors
  • Pharma industry, Bio-tech industry
  • Health data brokers and analytics companies
  • Regulators
  • Standards development organisations
  • Multi-national decision makers


Members will be entitled to vote in our General Assembly, to nominate and elect to the i~HD Executive Board which will determine its strategic direction, core activities, approve the annual budget and set the membership fees.


Membership comes with a Membership fee, which is based on your organisational characteristics. We enquire a Membership fee in order to be able to develop and maintain high-quality resources supporting better uses of health data. In this way, our current members have made it possible for us to develop our own Quality Seal for Research Platforms (QS4RP), which ensures the privacy of patient-level data during clinical trials that involve EHR-consultations.
Becoming a member to i~HD means becoming an important enabler of research about electronic healthcare and data-quality.


Membership fees can be found here.