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30 09 19

C3-Cloud: Power up your EHR products for multimorbidity

Pre-launch invitation to EHR system vendors

Power up your EHR products for multimorbidity

The C3-Cloud project (EU funded project, Horizon 2020)  invites you to come and see the software products and services developed by the Horizon 2020 C3-Cloud project that tackles multimorbidity, with a focus on:

•    Single disease guidelines integrated by experts as multi-condition care pathways
•    Clinical workflow and advisory systems to enable optimal and efficient multi-condition care
•    Patient empowering web application to maximise the extent of self-care and prevention
•    Plug in architecture using HL7 FHIR and standard terminologies
•    Deployment and integration toolkit
•    Testimonies of usability and benefit from our pilot site clinicians and patients

->  Ready to demonstrate and poised to adopt
->  Come and discuss how you could integrate these components into your products



The C3-Cloud spotlight on multimorbidity-ready EHRs, targeting vendors
starts at midday on 28th November
12-2pm demonstrations over lunch
2pm-4pm dedicated Vendor Forum
in Brussels

We also invite you to attend the full Joining the Dots health data conference on 27th-28th November at the same venue. We are bringing together multiple European project innovations for:

•    Advancing interoperability and data quality for high-value data sets
•    Empowering patients for self-management and promoting data sharing
•    Federated data networks, scaling up research and healthcare quality improvement
•    A multi-stakeholder response to multi-morbidity


Please register for the whole two-day multi-stakeholder event, or just for the C3-Cloud Spotlight session, on the event webpage.

There is no admission charge, but registration is essential.
The conference dinner on 27th is included.

Please visit the C3-Cloud web site to learn more about our project and the ICT solutions we have developed. A special vendor briefing pack with product data sheets will be sent to you a fortnight before the event.

We look forward to discussing the way in which your products could incorporate the C3-Cloud solutions.


Professor Theodoros N. Arvanitis
Chair in Digital Health Innovation, University of Warwick
C3-Cloud Project Co-ordinator


Professor Dipak Kalra
President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data
Lead for C3-Cloud vendor engagement


Published on: 30 September 2019