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09 10 18

i-HD members speaking at the SCOPE Europe conference

i~HD is delighted to announce that three of our members will be giving keynote presentations at the SCOPE Europe conference in Barcelona, on 16th and 17th October: Patient –centric enrolment planning and engagement.

Tine Lewi (Janssen), Nadir Ammour (Sanofi) and Dipak Kalra (i~HD President) will be speaking about the contribution of real world (EHR) data to innovations in the design and conduct of clinical trials. Tine and Nadir will speak about the EHR2EDC project (in which their companies and i~HD are partners), joining forces to enter the digital age for clinical research data capture. Dipak will speak on using electronic health records in clinical studies: The Real World in Europe. They will then join a panel debate on Making Real World Research a Reality in Europe and Beyond, which will be the finale event of the conference. 

Tine Lewi (Janssen)
Nadir Ammour (Sanofi)
Dipak Kalra (i-HD president)

The conference will be focussing on the utilizing of new technology, analytics and outreach to improve patient recruitment. Developing both a patient-centric culture and systems are key to enrolling and retaining patients throughout the life of a clinical trial. There will be leaders from large, mid-sized, and small pharma, specialty pharma, biotech, vendor companies, and academic research centres coming together to share best practices and discuss the new era of analytics-driven and patient-centric trials.

Published on: 09 October 2018