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i-HD Newsletter May 2017

Realising the value from health data

We are very pleased to see that more and more stakeholders are getting involved in the i~HD initiative. Since our previous Newsletter in Autumn 2016, teams of European experts, in collaboration with the i~HD office, have engaged in various i~HD task forces that are making significant progress.

We also had a very successful first Hospital Workshop in February. Nearly 80 hospital participants representing 50 European hospitals who are committed to making better use of their routinely collected health data attended the meeting.
During the Hospital Workshop the i~HD Network of Excellence for hospitals, as well as our steering committee of hospital and other advisors were officially launched. We will continue to work with hospitals on key topics of relevance to them, starting with an initiative to support better data quality for all purposes.

In parallel to this work with hospitals, we have completed the development of a Quality Seal for Clinical Research Platforms (QS4RP), which is a technical and organisational assessment that research platform service providers can undertake to demonstrate the quality and security of their technology and practices, especially in the protection of patient privacy. A first service provider has already undertaken and passed this assessment, and been awarded the i~HD Quality Seal. We are in discussion with other service providers.

We have also almost completed developing Standard Operating Rules that can be adopted by research sponsors such as pharma, service providers and hospitals within their standard operating procedures to ensure that all staff behave follow good practices to safeguard the handling of health and the protection of privacy when conducting research using EHRs.

Finally and importantly, we will be holding our next Annual Conference, as a joint event with EMIF, on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September, in Madrid. We look forward to meeting you there.

Dipak Kalra
President of i~HD




i~HD Hospital Workshop - making better use of routinely collected electronic health records

Around 85 delegates representing 50 hospitals from around Europe participated in our first Hospital Network  workshop held in Brussels on February 9, 2017. These hospitals are all committed to making better use of their routinely collected health data to become better learning health systems, improving quality and safety of care, and re-using health data for research.

Many more hospitals than expected had registered for this event, sending a clear signal around Europe that our hospitals are ready to accelerate their learning capability from their electronic health records, and to work together to grow best practices in how to do this in a trustworthy way and how to maximise organisational value from new insights and knowledge discovery.


Hospitals showing significant advances in integrating and reusing their data for research and quality improvement

The Hospital Workshop participants learned from Philippe Lechat of the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, Tony Amato from the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome and Giuseppe Banfi from the Fondazione Centro San Raffaele in Milan about how they have established a culture and governance around combining data from multiple local hospitals, and developed clinical data warehouses that can be analysed securely using advanced electronic health record systems and clinical research workflow systems. The speakers described how these systems have made the conduct and monitoring of clinical research more efficient, enabled accelerated knowledge discovery and the translation of that knowledge into improved health care.


i~HD Hospital Network of Excellence kicked off

During the Hospital Workshop the i~HD Hospital Network of Excellence was kicked off. It is a community of hospitals working together across Europe to help each other to improve quality and maximise their contribution to research through better use of their health data. Several of the speakers were among those who had kindly agreed to join a steering committee to help drive forward this momentum and to guide the ways in which we work together to achieve the following aims:

  • Create a mutual support and shared learning community of hospitals wishing to accelerate their uses of health (EHR) data for clinical research and to become better learning health systems.
  • Develop and promote good governance practices to enable trustworthy internal and external reuse of hospital EHR data for knowledge discovery.
  • Develop and deliver education, good practices and tools (such as data quality improvement strategies) that maximise the capability to reuse health data.
  • Help hospitals to optimise the ways in which they use and benefit from their EHR systems.
  • Support hospitals with demonstrating the value to themselves and to other stakeholders from good uses of their health data.

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i~HD offers Quality Seal for Research Platforms  

i~HD has developed a Quality Seal for Research Platforms (QS4RP) in order to provide assurance to the market, especially to healthcare organisations, research centres and research sponsors, that ICT products and services used to conduct research analyses using EHR information do so in secure ways that protect data privacy.
The seal criteria draw on the software requirements specifications and standard operating rules developed during the EHR4CR project, and also on the EMIF1 project´s code of practice, instruments developed by the ETRIKs2 project, the IMI Secondary Use code and ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards on information security management systems.
The EuroRec3 Institute was selected to develop the content of this Seal and to conduct the formal assessments of products and services. EuroRec is Europe´s leading body for quality labelling electronic health record systems, and brings nearly a decade of experience in developing quality seals and conformance-testing of EHR systems.
Based on a test report issued by EuroRec,i~HD will issue a Quality Seal of Conformity to successful service providers.

“The QS4RP service is not a “quick” judging of ICT systems. i~HD offers a three-step assessment process that assists research platform service providers in delivering state-of-the art services. At the end of each step recommendations are returned to service providers to help them reach the standards needed to be awarded the quality seal”, Geert Thienpont (founding member i~HD).

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Future events 2017

  • i~HD Hospital Network of Excellence Data Quality Workshop

    “Towards better data quality in hospitals!”

    Brussels, May 24, 2017

    i~HD is pleased to announce that registration is now open for our one-day workshop dedicated to measuring and improving data quality in hospitals, as a follow-up of the successful session held at our Hospital Network of Excellence launch meeting. This workshop will take place on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at the Hotel Bloom, Brussels, Belgium. Pre-registration is required.
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  • Realising the Value from Health Data ~ Improving Care and Research

    A joint event of i~HD and EMIF
    September 21-22, 2017
    Venue: "Hospital 12 de Octubre" – Madrid, Spain

    This conference will focus on examining how we can progress towards more value-based and outcome-based healthcare, making good use of health data as a vital source of evidence on outcomes. The conference will also explore the perspective of patients towards the use of health data for research - from healthcare provider EHRs and from their own generated monitoring data. Please join us!
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  • i~HD General Assembly

    September 20, 2017
    Venue: "Hospital 12 de Octubre" – Madrid, Spain


1 EMIF - European Medical Information Framework (IMI) www.emif.eu 
2eTRIKS - Delivering European Translational Information & Knowledge Management Services  (IMI) www.etriks.org