Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

27 05 19

i~HD was at Vitalis 2019
















Our president, Prof Dipak Kalra, talked about the many opportunities for reusing EHRs for research. In his presentation Professor Kalra portrayed the many opportunities for learning through routinely collected health data. Moreover, he summarised the main results of recent IMI projects EHR4CR and EMIF, and indicate how these results are now being sustained. He explained why it was deemed important to create a not-for-profit European Institute, i~HD, to help promote good practices in the scaling up of using health data for the spectrum of learning opportunities.

Professor Pascal Coorevits elaborated on the fact that an important success factor for the reuse of hospital EHRs for research is the quality of the data. His presentation summarised state-of-the-art research in the dimensions of data quality that are most important for research “fitness for purpose“, and the methods for assessing the quality of the data. A case study of a recent data quality assessment undertaken at a hospital in Spain was presented and professor Coorevits introduced a new i~HD data quality service that is available to European hospitals.

One of our GDPR experts, Filip De Meyer, outlined the main data protection and ethical issues that have to be addressed by any solutions that reuse electronic health records, including GDPR compliance. He explained how the sustainable research platform developed through EHR4CR, InSite, was independently assessed by i~HD to provide assurance to hospitals before they connect their electronic health record systems to it. He also explained the other governance instruments that are needed to create a trustworthy ecosystem, to give confidence to hospitals, their patients, and to research users such as the pharma industry.





Published on: 27 May 2019