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27 09 17

Joint i~HD – EMIF conference was a huge success

Realising the Value from Health Data ~ Improving Care and Research,
September 21 – 22/2017, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

On behalf of i~HD, EMIF and the Research Institute of Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre we are delighted to report that the joint event: “Realising the Value from Health Data ~ Improving Care and Research” was a big success. Well over 250 delegates from many different stakeholder communities participated during these two days in Madrid. Throughout seven conference sessions, diverse points of view on the goals and challenges in realising a health data ecosystem were tackled, ranging from the patient perspective to a societal perspective.

During the closing session of day one, Dipak Kalra, President of i~HD, announced the intention to seek funding for two new i~HD initiatives: “ i~HD will start working on a repository of evidence that shows the benefits of reusing clinical data in an interoperable framework. We will also examine possible good practice models for patients to become ‘data donors’. We will communicate to patients the benefits of sharing personal health data for clinical research and healthcare improvement. We will need all stakeholders to come together to help us to achieve these objectives.”

After these two conference days, it is fair to conclude that although there has already been a lot of progress regarding the realisation of a ‘health data ecosystem’ there are a lot of opportunities for improvement to be worked out and delivered.
A detailed report on the conference will be published shortly.
A special thanks for our sponsors: Janssen Pharmaceutica, Sanofi & RAMIT and our host: Hospital Universitario de 12 Octubre for making this conference possible, but also a special thanks for all attendees for being an enthusiastic audience and (hopefully) spreading the insights they have gained throughout these two days. Please visit our conference webpage.



Published on: 27 September 2017