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03 06 19

Ramit is looking for a Health Software Auditor

Job title: Half-time, full-time, freelance (2-3 days/week), consulting (2-3 days/week), … open for discussion
Employment type: Full-time
Seniority level: At least 5 years’ work experience
Keywords: eHealth; Software; Quality assurance; Functional testing; Information Technology
Company Industry: Hospital and healthcare; Health information technologies and services; Health data information

Job description

RAMIT has developed methods and tools to assess the quality of software used by general practitioners, self-employed nurses, physiotherapists, … The organisation executes the software evaluations on request of the Belgian government.

The software will be audited and conformance needs to be assessed against well-defined functional and technical software requirements. Therefore, it is important that the candidate has a background in medicine or health sciences with a strong interest  in IT.

You will contribute to following aspects of the label.be service, which is a collaboration of RAMIT with the Belgian government:

  • Performing Software Tests
  • Project scoping, preparation and planning
  • Explaining the audits to parties involved, being doctors, lawyers, …
  • Follow-up after an assessment by promoting and defining improvement strategies
  • Presenting the service e.g. at conferences, workshops or meetings
  • This position will report to RAMIT’s president and a collaborating professor in Medical Informatics, both based in the office in Ghent

Your profile


  • MSc degree, preferably in medicine or health sciences, and/or in computer sciences, or equivalent.

Knowledge, skills and experience

  • 5+ years experience, preferably in a medical context (as a physician, nurse, physiotherapist, …)
  • Experience with electronic patient records
  • Experience with software testing
  • Familiar with quality assurance in a software or (health) data context
  • Capable to manage projects independently from a to z
  • Excellent analytical skills and a good problem solver
  • Strong presentation and communication skills, verbally and written
  • Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Ability to explain complex analytical concepts to people from other disciplines
  • Fluency in English and Dutch and/or French is mandatory
  • Independent and well-organized, demanding high quality of your own work
  • Interest in academic and/or project-based research activities
  • Demonstrated experience in handling professional communications such as via email, report writing, analysis of data (e.g. via spreadsheets) will be required.
  • In order to fit in a small, dynamic and European team in an exciting and challenging environment, we expect from you as a team member: 100% engagement, flexibility, stress-resistant, self-assessment, team worker, striving for quality, humor and positive thinker.

Our offer

The successful candidate will:

  • have the chance to join one of the leading non-for-profit European institutes facilitating the uses of health data for a better healthcare.
  • be involved in pioneering activities, working with multiple health and research stakeholders across Europe.
  • have a competitive salary package in line with her/his experience in the sector.


If you are Interested in this position, please send your CV and covering letter to tais.kellner@ramit.be

Published on: 03 June 2019