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06 06 17

Report on the First Hospital Network of Excellence Steering Committee

On April 19, 2017, i~HD organized its first Hospital Network of Excellence Steering Committee in Brussels. Dipak Kalra initiated the meeting by explaining how the this committee could help to guide i~HD in supporting its network of hospitals to gain best value and learning from their health data. All members agreed on following roles for this Committee:

  • advice on establishing and cultivating the i~HD hospital network of excellence,
  • support the identification of needs from hospitals, patients and clinical researchers for the trustworthy use and analysis of health data,
  • contribute with new initiatives and activities that i~HD should pursue,
  • advise on future service needs in the health data landscape,
  • advise on topic coverage & speakers for upcoming conferences

Furthermore the Committee discussed the its involment to all ongoing task forces and the annual conference ( a joint event i~HD – EMIF) that takes place in Madrid on 21 and 22 September 2017.

Tony Amato, Tine Lewi, Guiseppe Banfi, John O'Brien, Dipak Kalra, Andrea Jahraus and Geert Thienpont
Published on: 06 June 2017