Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

Data Quality Assessment and Improvement Strategies


  • Develop data quality assessment methods and tools, and improvement strategies, with particular emphasis on maximising the quality of health data for learning health systems and clinical research.
  • Promote the importance of data quality to healthcare providers, initially especially to hospitals, and help them to assess and improve their data quality.
  • Scale up a multi-stakeholder understanding and commitment to maximising health data quality, for all primary and secondary use purposes.

The i~HD Data Quality Task Force



i~HD is committed to supporting European hospitals and general practices to improve their data quality, for their own benefit as well as for wider societal benefits including clinical research. During 2016 we have launched a Data Quality Task Force. Members of the task force include experts across Europe in different aspects of the data quality improvement challenge. The Task Force is currently specifying the most relevant Data Quality Dimensions, developing educational materials and a series of assessment methodologies (e.g. qualitative and quantitative evaluations, tests based on statistical methods), and collating evidence of best practices in data quality improvement strategies. The Task Force will work with the i~HD Network of Excellence for Hospitals to develop a better understanding of the ways in which improvements in data quality can deliver measurable benefits to hospitals. During 2017 it will begin working with interested hospitals to deploy these tools and to help them to collaborate to implement effective data quality improvement strategies.


Achievements during 2017

One of the core activities of i~HD is the ongoing work within the Data Quality Taskforce on health data quality dimensions, assessment methodologies and improvement strategies. Health data quality was one of the topics of the first hospital network workshop in Brussels in February 2017,which was well attended by 80+ participants representing 50+ hospitals in Europe. A follow-up workshop dedicated to data quality was organized in May 2017. During that workshop topics were presented on investigating, measuring and improving data quality in hospitals. Practical use-cases on data quality aspects were presented by hospitals in Finland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom and brainstorming sessions on improvement strategies and the development of business use-cases were conducted.

i~HD is now working towards the organization of its third major two-days event (probably February 2018; location to be announced soon on our website) which will be a joint collaboration with The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).

Clinical and patient-reported outcomes will be the focus on the first day of the workshop. During the second day business use-cases and return on investment aspects will be discussed. One of the main objectives of the i~HD Data Quality Task Force is to launch in 2018 a European Data Quality Service.

The March 2018 workshop will be a great opportunity to present the outline of this Service. Come and join us there ;-) More details will be published soon on our website.


I~HD Data Quality Task Force Members invited as guest editors

i~HD is happy to announce that three of the i~HD Data Quality Task Force members were invited to become Guest Editors for a Special Issue on “Biomedical Data Quality Assessment Methods” in the journal “Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine”:

The journal covers the following subfields: Computer Science, Theory & Methods (Q1, 21/104); Medical Informatics (Q2, 9/24); Engineering, Biomedical (Q2, 26/77); and Computer Science, Interdisciplinary applications (Q2, 32/105) and has an Impact Factor of 2.503.


Call for Papers

The i~HD Data Quality Task Force cordially invites you to submit a manuscript to the editors for consideration and possible publication.

The aim of this Special Issue is to encourage researchers to present original and recent developments on Biomedical Data Quality in large-scale and multi-site repositories or routine healthcare data with sights on data reuse. The Journal welcomes researchers from both academia and industry to provide their state-of-the-art technologies and ideas covering all aspects of computation methods, health strategies, applications and procedures for biomedical data quality assessment. You can find more details of the Call for Papers on the website of Elsevier.

The official deadline for submission is April 1st, 2018. However, you may send your manuscript to one of the i~HD guest editors at any time before the deadline. The Journal can organize a very fast peer-review. In case you need any further information, please never hesitate to contact the guest editors or the Editorial Office of Elsevier


Achievements during 2016

  • Establishing a data quality task force comprising European experts in different areas of assessment methodologies, improvement strategies and education about data quality.
  • Preparing a data quality assessment framework focused especially on the reuse of EHR data for research and learning health systems.