Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

R&D and Collaborative Projects

The opportunity
Health data is centre stage in many of the call topics for research and development projects and initiatives sponsored by industry and national eHealth and research bodies. There is a burning need to collect, use and reuse health data for understanding disease trajectories, identifying trends, predicting evolutions, taking the right care planning decisions and accelerating research.

The health data challenges
This growing reuse of health data goes hand in hand with the growing awareness of the importance of the quality of data, the integrity and interoperability of research platforms, and good information governance practices.


It is great to use data. It would be greater to use great data in your research.


R&D data expertise
i~HD plays a strong role in national and international R&D projects and European-wide collaborative initiatives. We are often invited to be a partner, providing expertise in many fields:

  • data protection and GDPR compliance
  • data sharing agreements
  • anonymisation and pseudonymisation
  • data quality benchmarking
  • research platform quality assessment
  • business modelling and sustainability
  • dissemination and multi-stakeholder engagement.

State-of-the-art innovation
We highly value participating in these projects and initiatives, which need to create and make better use of health data. It allows us to keep connected with the state of the art in innovative aspects of healthcare and clinical research.

The projects provide us with opportunities to put our services and expertise into practical scenarios, to learn, to improve and to expand our portfolio of health data solutions.

Research projects
We are a partner in a diverse range of European Commission sponsored projects, in Horizon 2020, the Innovative Medicines Initiative and EIT Health .

  • We are currently in projects making trustworthy use of hospital electronic health record information to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical trials, projects that are scaling up the generation of real-world evidence by networking multiple electronic health records and registries and other data sources.
  • We are involved in research projects focusing on specific patient populations, such as women in pregnancy, and patients with rare diseases.
  • We are working on societal challenges of improving healthcare, for example in patients with multiple long-term conditions, the collection and sharing of health outcomes data across Europe and the creation of a knowledge hub on mobile health programmes.
  • We have two projects taking a deep dive into medicines information, one promoting the adoption of an international standard for the identification of medicinal products, and one enabling better medicines information to support patient empowerment and decision making.

You can read about our current research projects here.

Collaborative projects
We are also involved as a partner in collaborative projects  that largely have industry or industry association funding. These include the Multiple Sclerosis Data Alliance, Data Saves Lives and a project with EFPIA on heart failure outcomes data and value based health care.

You can read about these collaborative initiatives here.

i~HD expertise in R&D is built on a long history of participating in (EU-funded) projects thanks to its founding members EuroRec and RAMIT (over 100 R&D projects), strengthened by our large international community of experts. We have a lot of successful proposal writing and project co-ordination expertise.

Besides performing and supporting research, i~HD is able to assist research consortia in building sustainable models and solutions. i~HD is itself a successful sustainable outcome of EU R&D projects in 2016. Being a neutral European wide non-for-profit association, i~HD can disseminate project progress and its final results to multiple stakeholders active in the domain of health data.

If you are planning a new project proposal, you are welcome to discuss the ways in which we could contribute with Dipak Kalra.