Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

EHR4CR Deliverables

  • WP1 Specification & Evaluation

    • Deliverable D1.1 Scenarios, stakeholder requirements, standards, legal and regulatory constraints, gap analysis, medico-economic modelling framework

      Work package 1 contains a set of tasks that collects and collates inputs to the development of the platform, to the pilots and contributes into the platform sustainability and EHR4CR Business Model.


    • Deliverable 1.2 Requirements specification and pilot evaluation criteria including appendices version 1.0 Rev_1

      This deliverable D1.2 reports new research undertaken within work package 1, during the year 2 of the project. This work defines in detail the scenario of Patient Identification and Recruitment to clinical trials, and the corresponding specification of requirements for the EHR4CR platform, tools and services to support this scenario across Europe.


    • Deliverable 1.3 Evaluation of protocol feasibility, requirements for clinical trial execution and serious adverse event reporting

      This deliverable reports progress on all tasks within Work package 1, including:

      • pilot site evaluations of first scenario: protocol feasibility;
      • the formal definition of the final scenario and its software requirements;
      • progress on developing appropriate governance instruments for the platform, services and users;
      • in depth interview surveys of senior level decision makers on the acceptability and benefits of the EHR4CR platform.


    • Deliverable 1.4 Requirements specification and pilot evaluation criteria

      This deliverable reports the final areas of specification and evaluation undertaken in EHR4CR. However, the collection of four work package 1 deliverables should be considered as a set, since they report on different scenarios and present different areas of investigation and specification that were initially relevant at different stages of the project, but mostly have sustainable relevance.


  • WP2 Platform Roadmap, Strategic Plan and Business Model

    • Deliverable D2.1 Environment scan (including stakeholders, scenarios, constraints and opportunities)

      Environment scan (including stakeholders, scenarios, constraints and opportunities
      Platform sustainability business model options
      Business Model Innovation: value proposition and strategic plan


    • Deliverable 2.2 Platform success criteria and business model development roadmap

      This deliverable presents the EHR4CR project’s vision, mission and values. These have been used to shape the way in which the work plan for the rest of the project was conducted, and its approach presented in dissemination materials and conference events. It also presents a set of stakeholder value propositions, indicating how each of the main stakeholders contributing to an EHR4CR eco-system or impacted by it is expected to derive value. It presents the initial ideas for the sustainability business model and simulations, and proposals for two EHR4CR sustaining entities.


    • Deliverable 2.3 Business Model Simulation and Cost Benefit Assessment

      This deliverable reports the latest work undertaken in Work package 2, which is a summary of a Business Model Simulation from the perspective of the EHR4CR Service Provider, and the preliminary results of a Costs Benefit Assessment, to strengthen the EHR4CR value proposition to the pharmaceutical industry in order to assist upcoming funding decisions around EHR4CR services.


    • Deliverable 2.4 Final business model findings and sustainability plan

      The work on the sustainability of EHR4CR, led by Work Package 2, built on the concepts developed during the third year of the project, of (i) an eventual commercial service provider to deploy and operate the platform and services, connect to hospitals and contract with research organisations to provide critical feasibility and patient recruitment support; (ii) a not for profit Institute to oversee the proper information flows and to actively promote the benefits and governance of the research uses of health data.


  • WP4 Semantic Interoperability

    • Deliverable D4.4 Final specification of EHR4CR semantic onteroperability solutions

      This deliverable describes the final implementation of the EHR4CR semantic interoperability services provided to address the needs of any specific project intending to use any services defined as part of the three EHR4CR use case (PFS, PRS or CTE). It describes the result of the activities executed during Task 4.3, Task 4.4 and Task 4.5.


  • WP6 Platform Services

    • Deliverable 6.4 Final report of EHR4CR Tools and services

      This document aims to review and recap the activities of the work package 6 and the work achieved during the period of the project, according to the initial description of work. Full technical and functional description of the system are available in the deliverable 6.1 (PFS), 6.2 (PRS) and 6.3 (CTE and ADE).


  • WP7 Pilots

    • Deliverable D7.4: Final report from the pilot site evaluations and the status of local interfaces

      This document describes the Work Package 7 (WP7) deliverables for the fourth year within the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) project.


  • WP9 Management

    • Deliverable D9.16: Quantitative Cost Benefit and Business Impact Assessments

      The work reported in this deliverable was undertaken through an ENSO top up grant, and carried out in conjunction with work reported by Work Package 2 in Deliverable 2.4.


    • Deliverable D9.17: The EHR4CR Consent Model and Trust Model

      Approaches to address legal and ethical aspects of EHR re-use in Europe


Published on: 08 August 2016